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Sara LeBrun-Scott on Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa

I talk with Sara LeBrun-Scott Marketing director of Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa

Reunite & Rediscover the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay. Now is the time to plan your getaway with their special

Kamaaina Rates it’s more affordable then ever.

Make it easy with a direct flight over on Mokulele Airlines

 The Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay has

22 Acres of Oceanfront Paradise to Stroll around and enjoy.

Dive into the refreshing Adult Pool, or take the family Fun Family and Keiki pool with waterslide

You can Snorkel or Paddleboard on Keauhou Bay or enjoy the ocean front walking paths.

Why not make it a rejunating experience.  Their full service spa is open for so much needed relaxation.

Don’t forget to take time to see the magical experience of watching Manta Rays at night on Paakai Point.

Plus explore cultural landmarks on Hawaii’s Kona Coast, including as Kealakekua Bay and Honaunau

Plan you getaway today.

Book online at

Marys Messages In Spirit

A very inspiring talk I did 5 years ago with my friend Rev. Mary Omwake. We talk about the I Am presence. We talk about Spirit, and the presence. SO wonderful to listen to Mary Omwake who just made her transition.

A talk with Jennifer K. Hill on Recent Travels

A fun talk with Co-Founder at Healing Mobile App/ TV & Radio Host/ Author/Entrepreneur/ Key-Note Speaker, Jennifer K Hill

Clifford Nae’ole

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua is celebrating the29th Annual Celebration of the Arts Festival  virtually for 2021. Since the festival’s inception 28 years ago, Hawaii’s most reputable artisans, educators, cultural practitioners, and entertainers have convened on the sacred shores of Honokahua to celebrate the islands’ cultural and historic cornerstones. In lieu of celebrating in person this year, the resort will spend the remainder of 2021 “Celebrating the Arts” with a series of monthly virtual experiences being housed on The Celebration of the Arts

Guests from around the world are invited to participate in the 29th Annual Celebration of the Arts from the comfort of their own home through virtual panels, artisan video bios and displays, thought-provoking interviews, prose and poetry and many other unique and exciting presentations yet to be imagined. The theme of this year’s event is “Ua ‘Aukahi Na ‘Ale…United, Flowing As One.” Artist and Fashion Designer Sarai Strickland will soon be unveiling her piece to reflect upon this theme.

We will continue to release new Celebrating the Arts content on the second Friday of each month commencing over a period of one year and counting down to the 30th Anniversary of Celebration of the Arts in 2022. This new monthly series will ensure the integrity and purpose of this award-winning festival is preserved by

Celebration of the Arts Festival Kapalua Maui

Asking for Help, Spirit Speaks

Another in a series of Spirit Speaks, with Rev. Cindy Paulos and Father Carel-Piet van Eeden. We talk about how we need to ask for help in times of need. We also talk about surrending to God’s will and learning from the lessons received. This is a talk about how the Song, Help Me Walk, on In the Hands of God

Lord help me walk the way that’s right

To follow your precious life

guided ever with the grace

to follow that inner light


let me learn to find the time

To show the kindness so in tune

And sharing love so profound

It helps us to find a higher ground


lord let me walk the way that’s right

With your footsteps as my guide

By your spirit may I be healed

by the gift to forgive

that sets us free …


and may I share these

Words that come

In silence from sacred dawn

when I commune lord with thee


for yours is such pure energy

a power so profound

 all creation is embraced

With a depth of love


lord help me walk the way that’s right

To follow your precious life

guided ever with the grace

to follow that bright inner light

what is unlimited mind
unlimited light you find
unlimited Love Divine
you reflect yet can’t define

who are you
but God alive
is this infinite circle
of life expressed

in this body that hides
what amazing beauty
that lies there inside

within this moment
you are unlimited
in the fullness of Creation
for you are blessed beyond limitation

you are the incarnation of light
from the ultimate source
you are a reflection
of the highest light

the perceiver and receiver
the dancer of cosmic dance
that entranced and inspires
this everpresent light
from the original source of life

would you believe enough
to awaken to your rebirth
unlimited in your true worth
with blessings from the Divine
and accept an enlightened state of mind

A conversation about Rev Mary Omwake with James Jacobson

My dear friend Mary Omwake made her transition on April 14th.
I talk with her Hānai son. James Jacobson about How wonderful Mary is.
He wrote this about her.
As a minister, she coached us to look at ourselves with kindness and humor. Her wit was wicked and on full display every time she spoke. Her services were filled with music, inspiration, and laughter.
Watching her “set the field” and give a talk was one of my greatest pleasures.
A friend once called her a “spiritual comedienne.”
I don’t think that was Mary’s favorite description, but I think it was the most accurate.
Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, and Barbara Marx Hubbard (to name just a few) were some of her biggest fans. I know they’ve grabbed front row seats to her act now that she’s been reunited with her loved ones who went on before her.
Other than through heredity, Mary was like a mother to me in all ways. And in all ways, I was her son.
I can not bear to describe the depth of my love for her, or my devotion to her.
I know that I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am glad I was hers.
I could not do for her all of the things she needed, but I am glad I was able to do the things she needed done that no one else could do.
I am eternally grateful to Mary for her love and support and wisdom. And her laughter. And her jokes. And her prayers.
Mary, I would say rest in peace, but I know that’s not likely.
Your body is already well taken care of, and your soul is almost certainly partying with your friends and family– and your cats.
I know that you will be there for all of us as we wake up.
I am grateful to her for being my mother. I am so grateful to her biological family for sharing her with me.
And I am grateful to the thousands of friends and colleagues who I know are also mourning Mary now.

oh the Quivering of the heart
as it finally feels the pain
that so long has denied
the truth of ultimate reality
we have tried so hard to hide

and it finally emerges from the shadows
and is mirrored so creatively
in our immersive dreams
and the breath of our awakening

oh the quivering of the heart
of this world
that’s been torn apart
divided into disparate parts

and when ewe hear the calling
of the SOS that’s broadcast
from the rooftops of our mind
we must heed the warning
and take shelter there inside

and perhaps to find the answer
is to heal with love in time
and accept this being human
has no permanent comfort zone
that we purchase for long in life

oh to calm the raging emotions
and to find the peace of mind
to go into the stillness
and be embraced by Love divine

to see the gift of compassion
humbles us as it reveals
at the heart of being human
we must accept our vulnerability

Miracles Happen

This is an account of true miracle and how In the Hands of God played a part in finding much neede hope in difficult times. I talk with Father Carel-Piet van Eeden about how this process unfolded.

Robin Johnson on Mallorca

I talk with Robin Johnson about Mallorca  and a great workshop coming up

Nurture & Restore Body Mind and Soul


In the heart of Mallorca, June 6-12, 2021

Program Overview

  • Morning Yoga Synergy, breathing, and meditation

  • Evening Yoga Nidra, sharing circles, or resting time

  • Nature connection practices

  • 2 healing treatments of your choice: review here   

  • Delicious plant-based nutrition, Juices, filtered water

  • 2 Island excursions

  • Chill around the saltwater pool and enjoy the peace

  • Sound bath healing in nature

  • Campfire under the stars

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