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Mystical Perspective, Sexuality in Spirituality

Sexuality in Spirituality

Welcome Mystical Perspectives. I’m your Host Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years All the Inspirational lectures are on ..


WE WILL DISCUSS Sexuality in Spirituality

Famous modern men in high positions whose urge toward sexuality overcame them, driving them to risk everything that it might have taken them years to build, now lost to the sexual push within them. They gambled their positions to satisfy this powerful drive, and presidents, kings, politicians, and clergy have succumbed. Such is the power—the relentless driving for sexual contact. It should be no wonder, then, that the world’s oldest profession came to be and still exists. This dualistic society, made up of masculine and feminine energy, is powered by a Universal Presence in the physiological chemistry of both men and women

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How do you hold this precious jewel Diamond that your heart holds?
Do you feel the spirit of the soul That burns away the fear we know?
How do you let your life truly shine, And allow it to be
A true reflection of the cosmos Spinning throughout infinity?
You are part of stars of such great light
A precious jewel that shines so bright,
You are a reflection of God’s Love Divine Breathing in tune to the secrets still undefined. Release and forgive what cannot be told,
Let this healing come to show.
This precious diamond of the soul Calls your heart to blossom and grow.
And sometimes life can reveal
If you can just try to believe, There is an exquisite beauty to see This priceless gift given for free.
Just this thing we call Love Divine
That we always seek for and try to define, This jewel in our heart of God’s Great Light

Stef Mariani talks about trip to Sicily

Talk with Stef Maraiani about her latet trip to Sicily, Check her out at Festa Italiana 2018 in Honolulu October 6 on the main stage at 6pm. 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹Her latest single “Butterflies” is now available to listen, stream and download.

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and Stef Mariani


you are a beautiful being of Peace and light
a gift of Gods love Alive in this life
Let the reflection of Spirits presence be
and let it shine forth eternally

right there in your very being
is a diamond waiting for you to find
stop all the endless seeking
and take time to dwell with your soul inside

you have chosen to be here right now
and you are blessed eternally
Gods love holds the true answer
and you already have the key

accept the perfection of who you are and be
that Diamond created from God’s pure energy
and embrace the Presence and see
how you reflect God’s peace and harmony

this curtain that hides us
hangs in the infinity of space
and a spirit wind comes and blows its breath
to remove what blocks our view
of our hidden eternal face

and we see a shining light
and it is then the separation is removed
in the birth of our awareness
is the diamond so bright
that is at the heart of what’s in me and you

we are the diamond
we are the light
we are the truth
of the Spirit
that reveals what it is waiting
behind the curtain of life

under a dark cloud
I call upon the light
under the light I meditate on union
I pray to God for communion

and I am brought to this reality
a gardenia plant that has blessed me
with countless heavenly blossoms
now stands bare with naked leaves
just as beautiful to see
in the time between blossoms
and growing into what might be

can we stand naked and free
when we are in the space we’ve found
uncovered by countless dreams
that have led us to be here now
holding out a hand
hoping that God is there to lead us
to the Enlightened promised land
that is waiting in the soul of Everyman

and while the first is last
and the last is not here yet
than we must hope for Gods safety net
to catch us with love that protects us

under dark skies in life
we can have faith that it will be alright
we can hold on and release our fear
even when blossoms don’t appear

140th Anniversary of Portuguese coming to Maui

Talked with Audrey about the 140th anniversary of Portuguese coming to Maui. It will happen at Heritage Hall   on Saturday Ssept. 29th. Call 243-0065 for info.Heritage Hall is a tax exempt nonprofit organization working for the whole community.

can we grow a secret garden
from loving thoughts there in our mind
can we water it with kindness
to ourselves and others we find

can we feed our very soul
with the gratitude we have
fir the blossoms that will grow
and that we offer to our fellow man

can we have a passion for compassion
and appreciate what brought us here
and offer up this moment
and to our Blessings be more aware

and the seeds of loving kindness
can be the greatest gift that we can plant
a light that shines so bright
that it illuminates our life

may I offer you a flower
from heavens garden it did grow
it holds God’s loving kindness
and it lives there in your soul

Reda Boustani, On Evolution Yoga

A great talk with Reda Boustani, owner of Evolution Yoga and 1942 Main St. In Wailuku. Their studio is situated in the heart of Wailuku. They are a community of practitioners who share the desire for self-discovery through asana practice, meditation and self-inquiry. They are dedicated to sharing the teachings of Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa on the island of Maui. Their belief is that life is a magical ride that should be lived with joy, gratitude & true connection. Through dedicated  practice, we strive to be an inspiration to our community as a whole. By being authentic and living in integrity, we can be present to something bigger than ourselves. They share the beliefs that life should be lived with gratitude, kindness,and humbleness. These beliefs guide our teachings, which are focused on helping you connect to yourself, your community, and to the rest of the world.

all stars have have frequency
and each has a song
is you study them closely
theres a harmony it’s on

and through all of life
there is a tone that sings forth
five we each have this same source
of inifinite energy as our resource

and the conductor of this symphony
at the center if it all can hear
the harmony present throughout the universe
as it’s played in the music of the spheres

each tone and each sound of life is art
with colors created by the soul of its true heart
and musicians try to capture that part
of the inspiration that is present
when it was birthed at the start

and all stars have a frequency
each planets alive
with some unknown purpose
we all share this space and time

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