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living in the universe
floating throughout space
we are islands in the sun
blessed in this sacred place

we seem separated
by different forms in space
living here together as one
all part of the human race

if we embrace our unity
we can understand
the vision of the universe
holds a higher plan

we are separated
by many things in life
yet also joined by common goals
with more love we will survive

let’s all work together
with the intent to find
not what separates and divides
but what ways might be better
to have more peace of mind

Tamara and Allison about Free trees for Arbor Day

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens and MALP Are giving away  more than 1,000 Hawaiian trees..Tuesday, November 2nd – Saturday, November 6th. GO reserve your tree on about residential tree care and speak with the experts Thursday, November 4 3 PM to 4:30 PM.  Watch a class on Seed Starting 101  on Friday, November 5  3PM to 4:30 PM. Propagation 101:  Taking Cuttings   Instructor:  Havilah Mills and on Saturday, November 6  10 AM to 11 AM  Keiki Event!   Saturday, November 6 (throughout the day) Plant Sale.Discover your neighborhood plant nurseries at MNBG! Fill your garden with fun plants, from waterlilies to fruit trees, when you visit MNBG on Saturday, November 6 for special deals! Join us for this great plant sale!  9 AM to 2 PM. Go to

the mystic moon
reflects the cosmic mysteries
more than what it seems
lit by ancient memories

causing ripples in the water
waves of light that appear
energy from the tides
that illuminate us here

the breath of universal frequencies
is heard in higher tones
translated by our experience
in the language of our soul

the mystic moon draws us in
with a timeless encounter
reflecting the hidden light
a magnet of such power

we are the ripples
of purpose encircled
by lightwaves embraced
beyond the surface of space

in a moment
undefined by time
we see behind the hidden door
beyond this life
there is so much more

maybe I wasn’t really listening
to what you were trying to say
perhaps I was too busy
and let it slip away

sometimes it’s easier
to just turn away
than to take the time
to hear what’s may be conveyed

life’s full of many lessons
some of them we face
others may seem harder
as we try to erase the pain

but in the quiet times
away from all the noise
echoes of what’s unsaid remain
and we begin to listen again

naked in the silent times
you can stop and hear
the messages never spoken
then truth will softly appear

messages that were never spoken
words that were never said
find a way to whisper
and then you must reset

listen listen to the heart
listen to the soul
receive the communication
that will help you grow

if you listen deep
there’s so much to receive
unspoken words that show
how to navigate life’s ebb and flow

the Five C‘s of living in Peace

This is a Key to Peace that is so important is we wish to find peace in the World

Five C’s

  1.  Communication
  2. Compromise
  3. Commitment
  4. Conditions,
  5. Conflict resolution

Aloha for Peace

This is part of series I’m doing on the Elements of Peace. This talk and meditation is on using the gift of Aloha to live in Peace.

For Omar

Our dear friend of Spirit, Adisa Omar has come, Face to Face with God. He used to have the radio show, The OmZone on KAOI . He had a huge heart with Great love for God. I play three pieces he recorded with me.

also check out his songs with unit at

when you’re broken open
vulnerable and so Golden
there’s a love you are shown
that comes from your soul

when you pray for help
to get you through the day
trust in the light of Spirit
to guide you on the way

there is such grace
held in that open space
such opportunity is displayed
when you’re ready to really change

we are only human
fragile enough to shatter
what matters is what happens
when we’re slayed
by life’s imaginary dragon

when you’re broken open
a lifeline’s thrown into the ocean
and hope can shines forth
with a light that is so golden

with that saving grace
that takes place
as you awaken to a new day
to embrace another chance
to release the past
and find a love that lasts

John Neff talks about working with David Lynch

Had amazing talk with the legendary john Neff 

Music is my Medicine

Music is my medicine
it’s a melodic physician
with a Chemistry of bliss
Mixed to fix titrations that exist
with the sweet elixir that it is

It Heals it the soul
with its rock n roll
when you Feel the rhythm flow
From your head down to your toes

Music is my medicine
a caress of a lioness
with Gammit that possesses
Such a magic finesse

Music is my medicine
a melodic physician
the mystic magician
and alchemy’s prescription
signed with the souls inscription

with the kiss that lifts
the heart to bliss
The dance that lives
in the rhythm it gives

let the music heal you
let it set you free
let it lift you up to feel
the love in you and me

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