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waiting for words of a tribute
to match the gifts you contributed
it seems so sudden you left this life
but it’s better for your being alive

I know we are here
for just limited space in time
just passengers on this planet
and we should not take our time for granted

and with your passing we reflect
on what you did and what you said
we smile at your ferocity
for getting what was needed to be complete

you gave it all and then slipped away
and we want to thank you
but words really can’t convey
the space you left is hard to replace

so we’re just left with sad cliches
that really aren’t enough praise
so we send our love and gratitude to your spirit
as you travel on to your next home and fix it


Into the Woods interview with Choreographer, Yezzi and JoJo costumers

 Had a fun chat with folks A story filled to the brim with a feast of fabled characters … a little mystery, a lot of irreverent humor, and touch of seduction.The ingenious collaboration of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine brings us Into The Woods, an edgy, whimsical, wickedly funny and enchanting musical adventure that goes beyond “happily ever after.”

 Presented by Maui Academy of Performing Arts in partnership with The Makana Aloha Foundation, Into The Woodsfeatures a live orchestra and some of the best known musical theatre performers on Maui, under the superb directorial team of Gary W. Leavitt and David C. Johnston.

 Into The Woodsopens on August 24th and runs two weekends only at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center’s Castle Theater. Get your tickets now by calling 242-SHOW, that’s 242-7469, or go online at

 Don’t miss Into The Woods, live on Maui.

I am eternal life,
I am the energy of transcendent light,
All a fragment and just a tiny part
Of God’s universal love alive in my heart.

I am the prayer
That with faith is freed,
The breath of Holy Spirit’s flame
That burns as a candle through eternity.

My hungry heart needs to be fed
And a million affirmations still to be said
And my soul shines with a hope that’s lit
By Mother God’s love as my daily bread.

God hears my prayers If I really believe.
I am the one who has the key
To open that door and finally be free.

So I bow deep to God’s pure energy,
I plug in my soul to that power that feeds
And connects me to the Source I need
And I raise up my arms and breathe.

So grateful for my life
And all it might take
To be here on this planet and participate
As one who serves the human race.

Grammy® Award Winner Kalani Pe’a and Allan Cool talk about new CD, No ‘Ane’i

Grammy® Award Winner Kalani Pe’a and Allan Cool came by to talk about their new release No ‘Ane’i. Kalani not only got a Grammy® Award 017 but also Nā Hōkū Hanohano Winner releases his sophomore album No ‘Ane’i in Fall of 2018. No ‘Ane’i means We Belong Here. In metaphoric meaning, Pe’a is describing and defining his Hawaiian music compositions with the intention of explaining to the listeners the values of maintaining our Hawaiian identity, our language and arts and building and retaining a strong foundation of Hawaiian cultural values and practices. Pe’a will take us on a journey through his life on his sophomore album with 8 Hawaiian original compositions and 4 classics with his renditions purely in Hawaiian, Contemporary and Soul. Pe’a’s debut album E Walea quickly hit the top of the iTunes and Billboard charts. On February 12th 2017 Kalani Pe’a’s debut album “E Walea” won the Grammy® Award for “Best Regional Roots Music Album” and made history by being the first Hawaiian Recording Artist to ever win in the category. On May 20th 2017 Kalani Pe’a’s debut album “E Walea” received the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award (Hawai’i’s version of the Grammys) for “Contemporary Album Of The Year”. Pe’a then made history by being the FIRST Hawai’i Recording Artist to ever win a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award & Grammy Award for the same album.

while the stars were dancing round the heavens
the meteors were flying across the skies
with flashes of light streaking forth
we catch the sight here on this earth
with our far away eyes

I wonder at the distance
and the miracle the cosmos display
and that part of our Spirit that connects us
and reached that source when we pray

and we are part of the universe
we can hear the music of the stars
we can follow the path that leads us
to the conductor of life’s symphony
who directs this divine mystery

are we putting it all out there
what really is our truth
there are so many levels of being
that we must navigate to get through

do we accept just what is
or do strife to change the script of the play
as life unfurls this dharma
is it up to see there is a better way

are we acting as God’s assistants
can we wear that robe of light
or are we just the audience
watching what we see in life

do we believe in happy endings
when there is no end in sight
or can we just be satisfied
and trust it will all Be alright

and so we pray to play our parts
the best that we can do
and love all of this existence
and become inspired by a higher truth

I sit and let this dream
of Spirit living inside of me
bring rays of light reflecting
these glimpses of eternity

it all comes down to just being
whatever we really believe
a kind of minstrel singing
the story of life that appears to me

and the threads of life are woven
throughout this particular frequency
and we tune and watch to see it
directing the miracle of God’s energy

changing forms through lifetimes
changing ways we choose to live
with a soul that travels through many dimensions
and learns from all the lessons taught
as we seek to love whatever life gives

when I sit and watch the tail of a hurricane
and feel the pressure of the changing skies
I raise my eyes to keep a watch
and try to hold my head up high

I am reminded of tests and trials
that we all go through in life
and even though the rivers wide
we will get to the other side

and with each breath
we can awaken to choose
the mindset to get us through
to embrace the light of a higher truth

and that’s when faith comes into view
and the strength we need
to truly hope and be encouraged
with Gods Grace is given and we’re renewed

Talked to Mike from Mulligans about Ireland

Michael O’Dwyer hails from Clonmel in County Tipperary and emigrated to the U.S. in 1993 to work in food & beverage management at the Four Seasons in Dallas, later transferring to the Wailea Four Season in 1996. On May 1st 2001, he realized his dream and opened Mulligans on the BlueMulligans is Maui’s only Irish owned and run restaurant and bar.  While operated independently of theWailea Old Blue Course, Mulligans provides excellent food, beverages, and service to the Blue Course’s patrons. 

the breath of Spirit comes to us
And this Spirit is free to be
A prayer to life and the inspiration of the heart
And the truth that can set us free.

And every prayer and candle lit
And every breath that feeds our souls
Is strengthened by the believing
For as we believe in our hearts, it is so

We are the living light of being
Here in this time and place
And sometimes the secrets we need
Are buried so deep it takes a lifetime to reveal.

The one, the whole, the individual
Are all bonded in God’s energy
And as we save our souls while we’re here
This is somehow the salvation for all who care.

And we see the precious jewels of love
That shine with the magic of such bright light
And we place the crown of creation
On the ones who are willing
to carry it through the night.

And we believe in our true purpose
And the ones who hold God’s plan
And we offer our prayers to the Presence
Of peace throughout the land

And we believe in truth And we hope and pray
the truth will set us free
And we believe in love and ask with our hearts that God will guide us to live in peace one day

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