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watching the endless white sky
get painted by clouds passing by
as virtual thoughts create
this dharma that we make
as a way to be able to negotiate
the experience of what reality takes

this page of life is turned to now
and what we need
to sketch the boundaries somehow
until the painting is complete
and is this invisible pallette seen

can we ever capture what disappears
with the completion of a dream
or are we just living out a scene
in a grander karmic scheme

with a breath these secrets are redeemed
and our heart of hearts love is seen
when we awaken to the true source
where one day God is revealed


Overcoming Resistance to Positive Change

Another Mystical Perspective

Overcoming Resistance to Positive Change



Overcoming Resistance to Positive Change

 Do you believe things can change for the better

 Are you stuck in safe

Are you afraid of changes

What part of you is limiting and not Believing tht you can fulfill your true destiny

 Do you want to Create a new life, teaching being successful

 Security vs opportunity

 Bridge that possibility

 Boundless awakening on the next step

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Lord, I ask you to be my guide
To help me give up the struggle and fight
And release the ego and pride
So I can see the pure light that shines.
I let this joy that you hold
Be welcomed and alive in my soul
To bathe my body and heart with nectar divine
The pure bliss of your love I can know.
My body, mind and emotions are aligned
And I accept all of myself and pray
I can be content, happy and joyful today
With just who I Am, whatever comes my way.
Lord, let me celebrate your glory in my life
And any accomplishments I’ve made
To reflect the gifts you blessed me with
And always so freely gave.
Lord and Mother Mary,
let your Spirit in me shine
And guide me each and every day
To be more loving and kind
To serve as you did to help humankind.
I thank you, Lord
For this body of mine
And I heal any judgments I’ve made
About trying to fit what the world displays.
I realize that I can enjoy who I Am.
It’s useless to try to fit in and pretend.
Let me see through all illusion
So the power of your truth can win.
I inhabit this body for just a short while,
I make peace with myself and passing time And I love my true image whatever it holds,

we are on this sacred journey
and while we spend our time on earth
we seek the grace of a sanctuary
where we can be rebirthed

we can be restored to innocence
and find the joy of life
and find the faith to believe
that everything will be alright

there is this sacred sanctuary
from the pain that’s here in life
it dwells within our soul
and we can let the sorrow go

we call upon our Angels
and the masters at the door
we ask for Christ to save us
and find the real reason we’re living for

we all need to find a place of sanctuary
that interior castle within
where we can meet our maker
and be restored again

find that sacred sanctuary
that place where we can pray
and we can listen to the truth
that awakens us to an enlightened way

we all need a place of sanctuary
a safe house where we can reside
so we can make some sense of it all
and dwell in Gods pure light

Paint the Town Together. November 25th

A talk with Katherine Smith and Mary Anne Fitch about Paint the town together. 

Support your community through the arts  on November 25th at “Paint the Town Together” —this gourmet party at Taverna in Kapalua benefits Maui Arts League. Enjoy fine foods, wines, artisan cocktails and music. Watch professional artists paint. “Paint the Town Together” tickets are just $125 per person. Get yours at Celebrate Art On Maui dot ORG.celebrate Art On Maui dot .ORG.
Paint the town together with other art collectors and art lovers! November 25th. Don’t miss this elegant evening at Taverna in Kapalua to benefit Maui Arts League. Fine foods, wines, artisan cocktails and music. Artists Mark Brown and Carleton will paint live.  “Paint the Town Together” tickets are just $125 per person. Get yours at Celebrate Art On Maui dot ORG.celebrate Art On Maui dot .ORG.

—this gourmet party at Taverna in Kapalua benefits Maui Arts League. Enjoy fine foods, wines, artisan cocktails and music. Watch professional artists paint. “Paint the Town Together” tickets are just $125 per person. Get yours at Celebrate Art On Maui dot ORG.celebrate Art On Maui dot .ORG.



it’s up to us to choose to see
that life is full of endless possibilities
that there is this hope and ability
to open up to the miracle of being

and when we get lost and forget
we can awaken to what’s best
which is being centered in a love
which never regrets
this gift of learning with every breath

so let go of what brings you down
let God’s light turn you round
to choose to find a higher ground
believe that the power of goodness
is intrinsic in all life
and if we look it can be found

Kula Harvest Festival Saturday Nov 17th


sometimes you just need to stop
and take a deeper look at what we see
and then close our eyes and let it be
to become free if life’s strange fantasies

there is a void we fill
til we become infinite space
and turn over our egos will
and let God’s nectar spill
into the chalice we drink from until
we discover we must pay the bill

and who collects our debts
if life’s credit card is all spent
so we must trust in what God meant
we all have a purpose it is said
so we do what is really best
and share what love is left
with each and every breath

but sometimes you just stop
and hit the button that says pause
and pray to know the cause
what is happening when we withdraw
and stand there before God naked and raw
and have laugh at life’s strange seesaw

how we want to define
the unknown state of mind
our thoughts dwell on empty lines
to bring a closure we’ll never find

it’s so simple it’s absurd
the power of a single word
the infinite expanse of time
created by the love we wish to find

it’s a mystical little feat
wondering if God can answer
the questions we seek
and give us what we need to believe

but there’s no way to box up our whole life
to comprehend this the miracle of being alive
and so we take a breath
and distract ourselves in the time that’s left

until we see the light of lights
and realize that teacher who smiles
at all the ways we try to name
this moment when we proclaim
an awakening to life’s mysterious game

there is a deluge of what is
and all that was created
is given as this gift
to understand what it means to exist

there is a rain that purges the past
a falling to the knees
and opening up the heart
to expose our deepest needs

watch the way it’s covered
by the desperate hearts pleas
to see the beauty in the moment
that allows all this to be

and a dove stands on the gateway
soaked by the passing rain
and let’s out a mournful call
and watches to see who remains

and in this lives progression
we all are passing through
there is no exceptions
and we all have to accept
what we must do when we go

can we see the exquisite moment
the meeting of an inner truth
that leveling field that needs mowing
this life’s meaning of God in you

and in time the gates of heaven open
and we all must pass on through
and who’s to stop this notion
that love is our salvation
and we can just Rest In the Peace
of the infinite light in me and you

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