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nothing can stop the heart creation

from shining the pure energy of its light forth
for in the center of all creation is the source
of Gods infinite loves force

we are particles of that very being
Alive in the heartbeat of all life
in tune with this vibration while dreaming
in waves of radiant energy we are seeing
expressions of the cosmos creating
the dharmas drama we seem to need
to awaken us to the universal key
that is held here in love’s pure energy

nothing can stop the heart creation
from shining its love forth
for in the heartbeat of all creation is the source
of Gods infinite lights pure force


when the heart is ready to be healed

love always awaits to revealed
and the strength of faith
lifts you to see the Spirit in each being

when the hearts prayer is believed
you can embrace the grace of God
and see how forgiveness sets us free
and how we are blessed eternally

and Christ understands our deepest needs
and the pain we have suffered he feels
and if we ask our burdens will be eased
for he is Alive as our guide to inner peace

in a world of millions of distractions

in this place limited space and time
there is this need to focus on the Source
to find some peace of mind

right in the center of our being
in this pause between each breath
there is the key to the opening
to the light that guides us and directs

and God is always here
even though we often forget
so it helps when we stop each day
to renew our awareness and pray

for in a world with so many distractions
when we meditate on the One
we remember what our purpose is
and we find the reason for which we’ve come

hear beyond what the world can hear

see beyond the material layers
to behold the vision of Spirit
and listen to the music of spheres

be in tune with the cosmos
open your heart to believe
that you are one with the universe
that unites you with everything

for Alive in every atom is the God particle
that created us in this time and space
and every thread of being
reflects God in us and the human race

breathe in the divine Presence
be in the Holy Light
let it heal your body and mind
and unite you with the love in all life

do not forget what you came here for

for in the center of your purpose
is a certain magnetic force
that has the tone your soul

it is the true breath of insight
the blessing of inspiration
that feeds your deep hunger
and a reason that is your key to carry on

do you sense it calling
do you feel it sculpt your vision
to see stars that dance across the fields
with glimpses of Eternity

signs that bring you the strength
to plant the seeds
that will continue to grow
after all this has been released

and yes there is this invisible support
although you may not see it just believe
and will be given the tools
to do what you need

please do not forget what you came here for
your purpose is speaking to you and holds
the blessings of Gods loving force
that feeds your very soul

For International Peace day

go in peace beloved
believe you can find a way
to always choose to see
the higher path of peace each day

be at peace beloved
let the teacher show you his grace
and open your heart to find
that place where peace resides

I wish there was one great poem
or some magic button we could push
that would lift us out of darkness
and let us all discover a peaceful way to live

for in the Masters Garden
there is that peaceful place
where there is such understanding
it brings us to that sacred space

Be at Peace Beloved
let all separation go
see the higher unity
that joins us as one in our souls

amidst the dust of life

and this form we know that comes and goes
swirling through the universe
as spirit wind carries our souls

with each breath comes a spark
a blessing of life’s opportunity
to be in tune with the source of life
and find the light of Gods energy

and who is the Master weaver
the Creator of this divine tapestry
that brings us this hidden blueprint
with which we build our dreams and fantasies

and through these passing lifetimes
our soul spins on the cosmic wheel to find
Gods love we came to share here
with our family and friends here for a short time

and amidst the dust of life
this life we know will come and go
and transforms as we journey through the universe
as Gods spirit carries our eternal souls

in the heart of perfect peace

there is the love of God within
the simple breath of being
The I am that I am Herein

I am that breath
I am that love
I am that light it brings
and I am that peace of being

I am that I am presence
that dwells in this now moment
and I listen to the love that speaks
and the happiness that brings

I celebrate the blessings of being
that fragrance of the blossoming of creation
with thanks to God for this meditation
that embraces life with no limitations

for that I am presence speaks
in every single heartbeat
and in every souls pure light
there is the gift of that i am light

Peace day is This Thursday

lord I ask to wear your robe

to clothe my life with your soul
with those threads of light you sew
and receive your words to know

may the colors of holy spirit weave
the radiance that inspires me
and may my life truly reflect
the aura of your energy protects

may the stars bright cosmic light
and the Source of the presence divine
connect the tapestry of heavens design
and be the blueprint for my life

Lord can I borrow your heavenly robe
to see how it feels in meditation to know
the complete unity of God and man
and be in that Christed I am that I am

and help me to truly observe
your teachings and your holy words
so while here on earth I can serve
and remember that purpose while I’m here

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