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When do you come to the point when you are ever complete .

We all know the quote from the movie “You complete me”It really is what many look for in a relationship. it now also seems like a cliche for someone who does not want to do the work to complete themselves .
Truly, God can complete you. For you are complete in God’s creation .
we are all on the path to become the perfect blossom in the Holy Garden of heaven.
Yet here on Earth the is much work to do til we reach that garden. There are always weeds to pull. There are many rivers to cross and a long road ahead.
Every bit of help we can get along the way is greatly appreciated. Christ and Mary and many teachers are there to lend a hand. God is always there for you to call on. He’s got your back.
through time you find more and more you remember that and realize what a blessing that really is.
If you pray and meditate you will be guided on this path. You find you are not alone. There are legions of angels and guides by your side. There are miracles that happen sometimes which you may not even be aware of.There are many mysteries that unfold as you seek you hearts answers .
Even if you go astray you can always choose to ask God for your help and he will embrace you with his love and return you to the way.

For you are a Child of God. The Holy Mother and the Father’s DNA is there in your soul. Talk to God.
Turn to him and pray and you’ll find everything you need is there for you each day.

if you are willing to look within

to reveal the secrets that you seek
and you will discover how to find the key
that open the doors to the wonder of infinity

waiting there inside you
is the answers of who you are
theres the power of God’s presence
the same spirit that formed the distant stars

you can experience the truth you seek
and you will be surprised
what you fear and what you need
you will find is all there in your mind

you can learn how to just be
and how to let your illusions go
to journey ever onward
to the silence in your soul

take the time , make the time
to stop all else that you do
and in the stillness meditate
to find all you need is inside of you

Mystic Traveller

lord help me to see the good in others

as I know you would have me do
let me find a way to understand
what common thread unites us
as we all seek to get on through

you said the first will be last
and the last will be first
perhaps you that you really knew
there is no short cut here
just one great karmic circle
with no beginning and no end

we are all together on this journey
to fulfill our purpose for which we came
all just trying to do our best
in this crazy human game

what if all the loners
really just can’t see
how to live as others do
and would rather be with thee

must the robes that separate
be removed for us to see
you came to work with all on earth
to help them and to set them free

let me see others
as teachers on the path
to see the good not the bad
and follow on your path

let me love my neighbor
and my fellow men
and rejoice in being part of
this journey that never ends

Trust in God

If you have been hurt or abused
if you have been beaten and betrayed
one of the hardest things to do
is to have faith and trust anew

If you have seen your trust
in what you believed
taken and destroyed
it may be so hard to really see
that you can trust in God my friend
you can find a strength within
to find the power and the grace
to go and be open to a better way

even the penny that we use
states In God we Trust
and yet we wonder if it’s true
can we really see
that its trust we so need

while you may have been so hurt
you may have been deserted
it’s time to find that place that’s safe
snd find some hope for the human race

if you get on your knees and pray
or find the time to meditate each day
you’ll get to the very core
of the truth you’re searching for

every step you take
is leading you to that place
where you can finally be
able to trust and be free
of all the past hurt and pain eventually

and find the inner strength
to trust in God’s mysterious ways
will you lead you to finally face
God’s love will brings a saving grace

anger and hatred never work
they poison the heart tibdoubt what you know
so look into your soul
and find a better way to go

trust in God my friend
trust in the love he gives again and again
trust in yourself and find
with trust there’s a light
that with a higher power shines

to help us out of dark forces
and lead us to hold forth the torch
so we can finally see
that when we trust in God we will be free

let the blessings of gratitude be

open to receive the bounty from the source
where the fountain of spirit flows free
and the river of life finds its course

be grateful and so humbled
by the gifts that spirit brings
your very soul is surrounded by Guardian angels who enfold you with their Holy wings

and you can not even see
the presence of the Mother’s love
and the guidance that she gives
from the Holy Spirit high above

take time to share what you can
take a moment to bow your head
and say Thank you Father and Divine Mother
for the the gifts that you so freely give

be grateful oh so grateful
and in this time you have today
Remember to be thankful
for all the blessings that come your way

become the love of God

listen for the innermost guidance
perhaps the whisper of a single word
For God will talk to your soul
with secret inner pearls for you to know

or maybe thetes some glory
of nature that you see
a moment that’s so precious
given for you to keep

God’s presence is in your very breath
and with you when you sleep
he is not separate from you
but is alive in inner true peace

find the mystical path
that you can follow and so be
walking with the light of God
and his love for you will speak

in s million different ways
He is with you every day
open up your mind
the enlightenment that you can find

behold your true destiny
the ultimate love that sets you free
become the flower that God holds
that blossoms there within your soul

listen for the guidance to hear
listen listen for God is speaking to you
in the whispers for you to know
the eternal Father and Mother
with you always there in your soul

God’s will is the pure creative energy that is our one source of being. We are the children of this divine energy. Just like children everywhere we want to do what we want. We want what satisfies our endless hunger and need for recognition.

Often we want what has been sold to us by those who determine what the ego desires. Perhaps what makes us look and feel good. However, what makes us feel good doesn’t last. It is a temporary pacifier that keeps us distracted from what our heart and soul yearns for.
Our heart is always crying out for love.
The unconditional love we experienced when we were one with God. To experience that love we must be plugged in to our connection to our soul which is one with the light and live of God.

When we see the bigger picture we find that We are all one and that we are not separate beings. Our ego doesn’t care for that concept. It wants to be in control just as a head strong child does. Our ego will throw a temper tantrum when we seek to let God be in control.

Yet there is always this still small voice inside whispering to us that we have a greater purpose here that we came for. We have a calling that is crying to be heard to live to serve God’ss will.

When we listen we can be Attuned to that resource that makes all things possible. We sync up with all those who are seeking to do God’s will, which is good will.

What is it you want to really do with your life?
When will you be ready to serve a greater purpose which is the purpose you came here for. When you fulfill God’s will you find your true destiny.

a prayer

a prayer is the sound of the soul
whispering your plea for help to God
a prayer is a golden thread
made by the creators robe

it is the core of who you are
to hold onto to feel and sometimes to pull
to draw you closer ever closer
to the fabric of your soul

a prayer is you talking to God
from the closet deep within
that place that holds your truth
and the precious secrets of the heart
from the that God knows and can impart

a prayer is your Hail Mary
your reaching when all else fails
your cry to the Mother and Father
to see them face to face

a prayer is your very being
your beginning and your end
until you find the answer
that reveals what we need
when it’s no longer possible to pretend

a prayer is your deepest connection
a soul to soul conversation to speak
a hope to maybe recover
what it is you seek

and is it a one way conversation
do you listen and do you even hear
the answers that are waiting
for you to discover that appear

do you know when prayers are answered
that there was the miracle of grace
that God is really listening
to the prayers of the human race

and do you give back thanks
and recognize that yes indeed
your prayers are you speaking
to the closest friend you need

speak your prayers to God
and recognize that He Hears
take the time to talk to God and to listen too
for when you need Him he is there

from separation to restoration

from the individual to the whole
we learn daily how to get past the ego
and the strong control it holds

breath by breath
in time we trust the soul
and we let the pain and hurt we known
to be released and let go

no more defenses
nothing to hide
just the naked soul
that is strong and alive

the heart of humanity
can’t be denied
it’s time for us to unify
for the higher good we have inside

step by step, day by day
this gift of time just slips away
until we stand face to face
with the truth that lies beyond
the power of illusions embrace

and so we forgive
and just let the hurt go
and begin once again
as we continue to grow
to reflect the love of

into the reflection of creation
with the soul now shown
to be who we really are
and with God’s love we grow

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