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the 53rd Makawao Parade is Saturday July 7th

Had a talk with Duane Hamamura who’s in charge of teh Makawao rodeo.

Applications are now available for the 53rd annual Makawao Rodeo Parade, which will take place July 7. The Stick Horse Race for all ages starts at 8:30 a.m. and the parade begins at 9. The parade starts on Baldwin Avenue just below Makawao Elementary School and proceeds through Makawao town and ends on Makawao Avenue at the Eddie Tam Park facility. The Grand Marshall isFrank Crozie Special Parade Honoree:  Sam Viveiros

COntact Duane at 808-268-8729



oh to know that we are dreaming
and embrace life as a dream
and still have the power to awaken
and be aware of what this dream means

to sleep in mayas astral realms
and journey through time and space
to that mystic state of being
and remember your chosen waking place

the mind is stuff of your own making
through all the many veils it strays
there is always some inner alarm clock waiting
that says it’s time to face the day

awaken all you sleeping ones
do not be afraid
for Gods love was created
to guide you to find a brand new way

through our strands of being
in the genetic makeup with which we play
can we pick the best reasons
that we wish to live and display

and when we connect with our ancestors
and what they lived through
can we awaken the Source of evolution
and create the fruition of dreams to renew

and what part of our being
will continue on
seven generations forward
from where we started from

we are all part of a chain of life it seems
until one day they switch our DNA’s genes
and we all know that day will come
when we create whatever we wish to become

through these strands of being
the seeds of God runs
reach deep and find it
for it ties us together as one

oh those issues with my Father
who left when I was 12 so long ago
the day after Christmas he passed away
and I spent a lifetime trying understand
why I can’t remember ever getting a hug or kiss
or what I called him
cause it wasn’t Dad or father
so I really just don’t know

so I took a picture of him
when he was young
it’s faded somewhat through time
and put it on the alter place
and I looked deep into his eyes

I can’t hold onto any old resentment
I really must let it go
for I realize he was doing the best he could
and perhaps he just couldn’t express his love
there are many guys who can’t let love show

I know he had a brilliant mind
he built beautiful houses in the Hollywood Hills
and he made money in the stock market
until his heart gave out at an early age

but part of me always felt
any emotion from him was denied
so I looked for that image of my father
in a similar companion in my life

and I know we must forgive and understand
that there are so many issues with parents
that can mold our entire lives
and there’s this drive inside we have
which cannot be denied
to heal the past and leave it behind

so here we are on Father’s Day
and I have embraced God as my Father now
and have learnt about Life in oh so many ways
and I hear echoes that won’t go away
to find the good in ourselves and others
so here today I will pray
to realize my Father was only human
and I love him anyway

for we all have issues
that teach us each and every day
and we must forgive ourselves and others
cause it’s not easy in life to get by
so we do the best we can
and we all will make mistakes
so we see that love is the only way

silken pink clouds of sounds
speak to my soul
they see with the eyes of God
who knows the unknown
I can’t be other than what I am
and my mind can’t fit in a plastic mold
my hunger is from the pain I own
for there is no one recipe that feeds my heart
like that energy of the I am that I am
that speaks to me and all the mystic fools
that wish on a distant star
and throw out the thoughts of who they are
in the the guise of the happy idiot
that really has no clue
as to what difference it makes
and what good it is that we can do

just being the cloud
just hearing the sounds
thankful for being allowed
to try to commune
with the universe in some sideways way
to pray for the suffering
and hope that one fine day
that mystic silken cloud of being
wraps the world in joy and love
so we can meet under the cosmic sun
and speak of these dreams
and laugh as we’ve done
to embrace this moment
this kiss of life’s great mystery
that reminds from where we come from

The Yoga of the Christ Mind Kind, Mystical Perspectives


Today I’ll be talking another in the series focusing on a Mystical  Perspective on SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, Dr. Paul Leon Masters latest book. . It is available at and on

The Topic today is Yoga of the Christ Mind Kind

So many people are doing Yoga these day. I do Yoga everyday and have for 40 years.

 HOWEVER, most people are just doing a small part of what Yoga was really designed for. There are thousands of teacher of Yoga Asanas. According to the first Teacher of Yoga Patanjali Asanas are Motionless and Agreeable form (of staying) is Asana (yoga posture)

— Yoga Sutras II.46

Asana is a posture that one can hold for a period of time, staying relaxed, steady, comfortable and motionless. Patanjali does not list any specific asana, except the terse suggestion, “posture one can hold with comfort and motionlessness” Āraṇya translates verse II.47 of Yoga sutra as, “asanas are perfected over time by relaxation of effort with meditation on the infinite”; this combination and practice stops the quivering of body.The posture that causes pain or restlessness is not a yogic posture. Other secondary texts studying Patanjali’s sutra state that one requirement of correct posture is to keep breast, neck and head erect (proper spinal posture). Other secondary texts studying Patanjali’s sutra state that one requirement of correct posture is to keep breast, neck and head erect (proper spinal posture).

 The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are a collection of 196 Indian sutras on the theory and practice of yoga. The Yoga Sutras were compiled prior to 400 AD by Sage Patanjali who synthesized and organized knowledge about yoga from older traditions.The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali was the most translated ancient Indian text in the medieval era, having been translated into about forty Indian languages and two non-Indian languages: points to a period of when the text fell into relative obscurity for nearly 700 years from the 12th to 19th century, and made a comeback in late 19th century due to the efforts of Swami Vivekananda, the Theosophical Society and others. 

Today s talk was based on SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, Dr. Paul Leon Masters latest book. .Practical, Mystical, and Spiritual Inspiration
Applied to Your Life, featuring 130 pages of affirmations to help you shed old mental and emotional patterns, and connect with your higher
universal mind for guidance. Available at and at

Go to for the whole series

have the courage to go deeper
to give up all limited beliefs
find the inner flame inside you
and let the soul be seen

it’s time to learn what’s true for you
what’s real that you can be
take the time to find yourself
and what your life can mean

it’s all right their inside you
just waiting to be shown
you can find a way to align
with the highest love that’s known

find the true connection
that is the source that will set you free
let God’s true light guide you
to the purpose your life seeks

Kathy Takushi and Amelia Ellenstein

Amelia Ellenstein and Kathy Takushi talk about an upcoming wellness retreat in Hana..WOMEN’S WELLNESS VACATION Learn about the spiritual wisdom and practices of Hawaiian culture – the powerful and intimate connection between kānaka (humankind) and ‘āina (land) during this 7-day ALL INCLUSIVE women’s cultural retreat in Hāna on Maui.

I traveled in time to the star stations
and I was in awe
of how the future generations
we will one day journey to these chosen stars

there are planets beyond planets
all joined by a higher network of energy
places beyond known spaces
that will be true light forces where meet

visible in the future
will be how we will see
beyond our limited vision
to detect invisible ways that life can be

star travelers move in mysterious ways
that we can not yet conceive
and we are aliens that should not invade
their cosmic states and frequencies
until we’re humble enough
to learn there’s a much more evolved existence
that we should just let be
until we understand we have a lot still to learn
and we must overcome hatred and destruction
and first learn how to live here together in peace

The Maui Film Festival runs Wed.s June 13th

Barry Rivers and i go through all films an festivals for Maui Film Festival…

“The Maui Film Festival at Wailea is a ‘jewel-box’ festival — able to handle anything
without becoming unwieldy or impersonal. Flawlessly planned. The national press is
taking notice and reporting on its goings-on.  Watch for even greater things to come.”

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