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be aware that God is here
with every Breath you take
and every pause between each breath
infinite beyond life and death

yet we live our lives
and we dream our dreams
we each play out our roles
and we all scheme our schemes

hardly ever knowing
what our life’s really about
hardly ever recognizing
God’s love is energy we’re made of

so take a little time
to find that peace inside
take a clear deep breath
and quiet that busy head

place no limitations on the limitless
place no mask upon the face of God
do not judge God’s creation
honor the Father and the mothers love

thank God for this amazing place
and the Holy Spirits saving Grace
understand you’re here to help the human race
and reflect love of creations embrace

now I choose to be peace

right now I am in that place inside
where peace fills my state of mind
and everything is filled with light

Right now I am a messenger
a scribe that listens and writes
the words that come and whisper
these messages that come and I recite

let all the distractions of the world just go
all those things that social media brings
dwell in that place that can be controlled
from the objective observer of everything

what is important and what can wait
is a priority that I can make
but First comes God and I meditate
on peace so I can connect and create

right now I choose to be at Peace
right now everything is alright
I can create a state of peace
this choice is mine to find

so I focus on my breath
so I go to that place i find
and let all the illusions go
and return to that love inside

what is most important to me
is that sacred space within
and I know later there will be a way
to deal with needs to be done again

for now I choose to be
dwelling in a place of peace
for we can choose to find
what is important is a peaceful state of mind


the returning is spoken with whispers to soulthe pulling magnet with life’s pulse 

that remembers our source and knows

and call us to come home 
for in our hearts of heart love remains 

no matter how far we have strayed

this Calling home 

is a promise once made
the light of the dream awakes

to the miracle that is alive 

with creations living space 

with the greatest love that still in place
the calling of love that speaks our true name

the heart knows the seeds and claims

with the power in God that remains 

in our Father and Mothers embrace

that allows us to learn in our own way
til their is that sound that’s heard 

the whisper and the feeling that observes

we are but a part of a greater whole

and in time we will merge with our soul
to complete our mission 

to understand our goal

to hear that calling and know

it’s time to follow the calling and go
snd the hearts secret unfolds

to guide us to the moment and behold 

of halls of heavens blessed home
so listen in silence and hear

the whispers so sweet and clear

the breath that awakens and frees

the love you have always seeked 

is waiting eternally for you to believe

to merge with God and be complete 

look to the sky

and see the heavenly light
let it shine forth its glory
let it bring you new life

reach your arms
way up high
and bring this energy there
down for you to find

lord and master
mother divine
let your love pour forth
your blessings from on high

let us see past
the clouds in the sky
and feel the miracle of life
that in us abides

let us breathe your holy spirit in
let us be lifted to heaven again
let us release what brings us down
and see the power of your light divine

look to the sky
and see the beauty so fair
the magic of the dancing clouds
and the power of light that lives there

look to the heavens
and feel heart of mankind
let there be an opening
in your heart to find

God’s creation is reflected in earth
a partial view of higher power at work
and we can behold the magic
alive on this earthly sphere
if we just raise our arms up high
throw back our heads
and look to the sky


I am so grateful for all these gifts you’ve given
I am almost overwhelmed
I know that I need your help to manage
the way to share what I have found

let my use my time
to offer all I’ve found
into some useful way
with your blessings that abound

there is such need in the world lord
there are so many suffering each day
I feel such need for your healing
to come to the hearts of the lonely ones

lord let me be your servant
may I love a little more each day
and become a Little kinder
in the way I live today

let your gifts be used
let your voice be heard
let your guidance show the way
to honor your sacred words

may I walk my talk
may I be considerate and strong
to celebrate your blessings
and follow the path you guide me on

Amazing Grace of God

pour your Holy Water Down
to help the human race
and bring us your understanding so profound

help those who’ve lost their way
finally see the light
let your precious energy
spark hope into our lives

amazing grace of precious love
help us to be free
of all the frustration and angry
that lives in the gap between heaven and humanity

amazing Grace of Heaven
let your compassion bring
the healing of our hearts
to inspire our lives again

there is a way to bring
the chance for us to be
the alive with the eternal Hope
to release the past and be freed
to finally fulfill our destiny
and find the strength to see
we are the living light
we are the truth revealed

amazing Grace we thank you
for showing us the love we crave
you brings us the power to survive
and with your blessing be saved

peace be with you always

be at peace inside
and do not let the conflicts of the ego take you
away from a peaceful state of mind

for there is a place of peace within you
there is an understanding you can find
that removes the separation
that us and them that defines mankind

the i am in you
is the I am in me
we are all part of a world family
with a purpose here you see

the peace you find inside
will bring more balance in good time
to maintain a peaceful state of mind
and overcome the conflict we find

peace be with you always
be at peace my friend
breathe in peace right now
and let that peace within you begin again

we can overcome the hatred
how we can begin to find more love
to heal the pain and sorrow
to bring forth the blessings of the Holy Dove

what completion are you seeking

what more can you become
what are you now reaching
in the space awakening
to live with Gods light and love

what illusions are you faking
what lies can be undone
to see the power unlimited is given
to find the grace of the Holy Ones

can you believe you are worthy
to become whole and complete
to accept who you wish to be
is possible if you just believe

there is no need to delay
there is no need to complain
you have the power waiting there within
to Claim the way you wish to live

you are a child of the Light
you have the love you need
to free the limitations
and let yourself be healed

so breathe in deep in this moment
breathe in the Spirit that you seek
embrace the possibilities
and tap into Gods infinite energy

realize how you can be happy
in just being who you really are
for you are a Reflection of the universe
born of the energy that created the stars

remove all limitations
and what mightever hold you down
you have inside whatever you might seek
for you are already whole and complete

find the spaces of light

in the spirals of time
find the faith to trust
Gods guidance divine

in the unfolding of your purpose
lies your destiny
and the soul whispers to you
the secrets of eternity

let the heart listen
let the heart speak
let the heart be honored
by the life you lead

remove all blocks and judgements
placed in your life by fear
remove the burdens you carried
and lay them down right here

lift your heart up to the Son
and let the Christ and Mary touch you
and be healed by the Holy One

now is the time
to finally receive
the gifts of the harvest
that can set you free

lay down your burdens
lay down your cares
slip through the passageway
to the presence of God here

peace of the one light to you

peace of the one love to you
peace of the deepest compassion
shines forth to the world

breathe this peace in
understand this peace
live with the power of this peace
be this peace and let this peace be

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