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I wonder where my life would be
if not able to write
these words that come as a vibe
with such strange consistency

I heard of a radio frequencies
being sent from universal presence
in a solar system light years away
and I see poets and rappers
in the same way

putting out words
in a flurry so blurry
it’s sometimes hard to translate
what we are really trying to say

pain and heartache
love denied
somehow all expressed
in these symbols and lines
each trying to define
some part of the soul undefined

so we try to relate
in what ever way we can
artists, poets, music makers
right brain touching that human vein

reaching depths that
transmit to the rest
transmissions and transcripts
in endless blips that fit
in a page with out a script

all humanities misfits
trying to send radio blips
across the internet and give
our Spirit some way
to set our thoughts free

Sara Shim, Chinese New Year at Maui Mall

Sara Shim, talks about Chinese New Year at Maui Mallm Jan 25th

Join us for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2020- the Year of the Rat!

Celebration begins at 9:00AM until 2:30PM

Bring your ‘ohana and friends to enjoy Chinese New Year with keiki activities including Keiki Attire Contest, Arts & Crafts, Ribbon dancing and MORE!

There will be plenty Chinese crafts and shopping and you don’t want to miss the Lion Dance and Firecracker Blessing!

We will have live music entertainment and performances by the Maui Chinese Martial Arts Academy

Come to Maui Mall for a day of fun and learning about the history of Chinese on Maui!


Pacific Whale Foundation’s Whale Festival

I talk to Kelly White, Marketing Director for Pacific Whale Foundation, about upcoming Whale Festival

Pacific Whale Foundation’s annual Run & Walk for Whales is one of Maui’s largest and most scenic run and walking events. Each year, hundreds of runners and walkers gather on Maui in solidarity for ocean conservation and as a celebration of Maui’s humpback whales. Designed for ALL ages and abilities, the Run & Walk for Whales takes place Feb 1 to kick off the month-long Maui Whale Festival. Visit for more information on this and other festival events from Pacific Whale Foundation.  

  • Run & Walk for Whales
    Saturday, February 1

  • Whale Day & Parade of Whales
    Saturday, February 8

  • World Whale Film Festival 
    Friday, February 14

  • The Great Whale Count
    January 25, February 29 and March 28

  • Concert Cruises
    February 8, 9, 15, & 22, 2020

Talk and Meditation on being a Visionary

 A talk and meditation on being a Visionary Being.


A talk and meditation on using Light

Into the Mystic

A look into what Mysticism really is. Includes a talk and meditation.

how do we choose to see
what’s happening to this planet
and how to heal
what the scorched Earth reveals

in the next decade
there will have to be a way
to deal with what we face
to overcome the damage done
to save the home of the human race

climate change is happening now
and we can’t deny
what we find
is now the greatest challenge for humankind

it’s up to us to be
the ones that make a difference
and put to work what we need
to save this planets destiny
Mother Earth needs to be
our top priority

to the guardians of the garden
to the ones who plant the seeds of love
to the gardeners of this precious earth
we thank you for your care and work

and as we walk upon this planet
we find there is such need
to restore and bring back into balance
the prana of the Mother Earths Energy

for the precious waters
and the oceans that we need to purify
let us cleanse these sacred resources
that need our help to now restore
before we poison the ones who swim
and bless us with their life

for we’ve plundered this sacred planet
and the gifts that she so freely gives
have been taken without notice
if what is left and what we need to live

and we can’t close our eyes
to the warning signs that shout and cry
and as one generation leaves theses shores
Greta pleads for us to not ignore
the danger of climate change
is what she stands so bravely for

let the red warning flags
be seen and recognized
let us find a way to heed
the importance of this planets needs

to the guardians of Mother Earth
and the ones who hear her call
let us join together and help her
and save our home for one and all

This Christmas may you become aware
Of the Light that you truly are,
Created from the same light
That made the stars.

Come down Holy Spirit,
Dance across these December skies,
Bring the very breath of God
To open up our eyes.

May we breathe your blessings
And let your voice be heard,
Be the very energy
That speaks these words.
May we be free of illusions
That bring darkness and fear,
May we awaken to the brilliance
That with Grace we can be.

May this light shine forth
To bring joy to the world to know,
With the assurance that God is always there Within us waiting for us to show.
The true meaning of Christmas
That the birth of Christ did bring,
With the love he showed us
That is alive in every living thing.
And may peace be with you always
For the Prince of Peace does bring,
The eternal love and light
That is alive in everything.

The Heart of Love

Wishing you a Love filled Christmas

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