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life is shimmering with light

as radiant rainbow colors
illuminate with a heavenly sky
as creation comes to bless our lives

each breath of Spirit
brings the gift of life
each circle that turns from day to night
comes with this precious moment in time
and a chance to live and learn
and accept who we are
the love of God in human form

each breath is an awakening

each moment a miracle of life
each perception that you partake in
is a chance to get it right

remove the filters of illusion
those veils that you’ve been using
to mask the pain deep within you
and forgive and release and now free them
and stand naked in the new dawn

embrace all that you truly are
let the inner and the outer merge and be
accept and truly face
the unlimited force alive in you and me

for each breath holds an awakening
and in each moment you can see
the truth of who you really are
and Gods Grace can set you free

I am a part of the illuminating light of God

that unites me to the Source of all life
I am one with the light of total love
one with the presence that Spirit holds

I am that light
I am that love
I can choose the way i live
and use the energy of my soul
to express goodwill in my life to grow
to be a positive force for the whole of humanity

I open my Heart and soul to the one light of God
I embrace the gift of that light I am
I love the way God expresses Love through us
I give thanks for the precious power of Gods light and love
and so it is

do I want you to like me

because I am sure I like myself
do I want to be loved
and then reject you as not enough

if I don’t love who I am
and I feel not worthy to be seen
all the love in the world
will never be enough for me
until that inner hurt is healed

so I reach deep within
I try inside to find
the way to love myself
as Gods beloved child divine

for deep inside my heart and soul
there is a secret place that i can go
that sacred space inside
where the greatest love abides

and when I understand
I can forgive myself
and what’s been done to me
I can truly then can be
able to feel goodwill for all humanity

how fertile is the field

in which you plant your seeds to grow
can they awaken you to the light
of Gods infinite blessings to know

how precious are the flowers
that hold the beauty that you see
each one is a unique expression
of the souls blossoming in you and me

breathe in the fragrance of the flowers
in the garden so divine
as the wind scatters the petals forth
as they gently are freed in time

with every breath that we are taking
we are given a chance to live
as flowers in Gods garden
blossoms reflecting the love he gives

receive the blessings of creation
in the fertile field of your life
offer your heart with a smile
as a flower given to this life

love the life you live

for that is where God truly is
illuminate your inner mind
with the Spirit from the source of life

Be in an awakened state of mind
with the gift of being fully alive
understanding your One with mankind
and guided by your soul in life

all the healing that you seek
comes with what forgiveness reveals
if you can just truly believe
and pray to God when your in need

beloved child you’ll find
how open your heart to love divine
and celebrate this precious life
and shine forth Christ’s radiant light

do what you are doing

from the heart of you
be what you are being
from the core of your souls truth

set your deepest intention
to live with the highest light
to demonstrate the principles
with Gods presence in your life

clear away all the excuses
of what might hold you back
and focus on the way
you can walk on the higher path

for when we walk our talk
and we practice what we preach
we find a way to really help
and serve as Gods will in our deeds

it may not be easy you know
it may mean setting aside our ego
and just letting our smaller self go
and letting God be in control

just do what you are doing
from that inner place inside
be the best you can be
and let love rule your life

you are stronger far than you may know

you have the seed of Gods pure love
right there for you to call upon
alive in your heart and soul

if there is shadow of ego you’ve been shown
that is there somewhere deep inside
that needs you to embrace it so
recognize the reason for that hunger
and illuminate that place you find
with the healing power of light divine

you are more loving than you may know
for you’re created from the source of love
and the Father Mother God
is always there to guide you on

behold yourself as a child of God
believe in your power to be
loved by the beloved
here to fulfill your life’s destiny

with God all things are possible

so I ask God to lead the way
to clear the path before me
and let love be present with me today

I ask the lord to be in my life
for so I can do His will
in whatever way is best to serve
to find Goodwill in the way I live

let me walk the talk about which I speak
let me listen close and hear
let the words that so inspire my soul
be demonstrated in my life right here

I know it’s easier said then done
and often we’re dismayed
by how much work it really takes
to remove the blocks we’ve made

yet with God all things are possible
so I take the time to pray
and show me how to find the strength
to trust in God each day

hold the opening in your life

for the presence of Gods divine light
embrace the love you find
and let it brung you peace of mind

one in your heart
one in your life
together in that union
your path is aligned

with Gods blessing
your life’s are combined
to share your path together
and the joy of love you’ll find

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