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I’m possible
In this impossible perfect dream
Art in motion
The star catchers light beam
A radiant creation of being

a pebble thrown into the universe
a bridge from here to there
a part of the infinite cosmos
alive right where you are

and nothing can stop
the spirit of the impossible dream
for nothing is alive everything
and you are part of Spirit perfect scheme


Achieving Independence of Mind and Soul

Achieving Independence of Mind and Soul

Welcome Mystical Perspectives. I’m your Host Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years All the Inspirational lectures are on



 Achieving Independence of Mind and Soul

 On the material plane, we create bonds and attachments to things that we need in our life. Attachments are all right if they are not our complete support system. We all have things, or issues in our personality that can create blocks and obstacles. We can often become co-dependent because we do not have faith and the courage to be trusting ourselves enough to be independent.

We come to this earth to learn lessons. Some of the things we are learning are traits that we have carried with us inform other lifetimes.

When we hold on tightly to our attachments to people.we invest our heart and soul and our identity in them. We can be attached to many things like our loved ones, our pets, our car, our lifestyle, our homeand our career. The ego can get very possessive of things that support our sense of importance.

The more the Light of acceptance is brought into your being, the

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more you will be able to deal with who you are and what you encounter in life. When you accept who you are, you can then be grateful for the whole of your being. You can also learn to accept others wholly. You can accept yourself and others because you understand the soul is living to learn life’s lessons. When

Dave Mason and Cindy Paulos on the Buzz 107.5m

 Dave Mason came in to do my morning show with me. Here are the excerpts.  We share excerpts from his New CD, 4Real with Steve Cropper. Dave has loved playing guitar most of his life. He first picked one up when he was 15 and founded two bands: The Deep Feeling, and The Hellions. At age 18, the Worcester, England native teamed up with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood to form the legendary band Traffic whose profound influence over rock music remains unquestioned even today.  At 19, Mason penned the song “Feelin’ Alright”. First recorded by Traffic, this song has since become a rock and roll anthem and recorded by dozens of artists, including JoeCocker, who had a major hit with the song in 1969.

Mason departed from the group after their second album. In 1969. he headed for the USA to pursue a solo career.  A prolific artist, Mason has penned over 100 songs. He struck gold with the album “Alone Together”, which is considered a rock classic. This was followed by five albums for CBS/Sony including “Dave Mason” and “Mariposa De Oro”, four of which received gold albums. “Let It Flow”, which has gone well over platinum, contained the classic “We Just Disagree”, a top-ten single!

 In addition to performing to sold-out audiences, Mason performed on a number of albums such as The Rolling Stones’ “Beggars’s Banquet”, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, Paul McCartney’s “Listen To What The Man Said” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland”. One of the songs from the “Ladyland” album, “All Along the Watchtower”, featured Dave playing acoustic guitar. This song, written by Bob Dylan, remains a big favorite in Dave’s live show! 

His solo career is linked with numerous members of rock and roll elite, including Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, Leon Russell, Ron Wood, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, and Jim Capaldi. In addition to his own productions, Mason’s distinctive work is featured on numerous gold and platinum albums such as: 

through a glass darkly I see
a bright light born of light
and a chance for hope to come
with new power to set us free

the world is awakening
to that light within
and more and more people
are finding a new way to dive in

the plan was started a long time ago
with a power that understood
that no matter how long it took
the seeds of love would grow

and now there are millions
that join in the plan
and share that light and love
with the purpose that so long ago began

and the pure light of God
is shining so bright
it is alive there in us
to guide us through the darkest times

and there in the mirror of life I see
that bright light that holds
the love that we can believe in
and the hope to set us free

Kalani Pe’a and Alan Cool

Had a great talk with Kalani Pe’a and Alan Cool, about Kalani’s new CD,  “No ‘Ane’i”.

Kalani Pe’a’s sophomore release titled “No ‘Ane’i” (We Belong Here), is nominated for the 61st annual Grammy® Awards under the Best Regional Roots Music Album category. The 2019 Grammy® Awards will be broadcasted on CBS on Sunday, Feburary 10th 2019.

Kalani Pe’a Music is excited to announce the release of  Kalani Pe’a’s sophomore album”No ‘Ane’i”. The album includes eight origin

listen listen to your heart
and all it has to say
feel the truth it holds for you
hear the secrets it longs to convey

uncover the roots
of what it holds
do not be afraid
for the seeds of love will grow

there is the light of hope
that shines there deep inside
let that sacred glow
heal the pain you hide

listen to your heart my friend
let it’s voice be heard
let it speak so clearly
and cherish every word

and if your hearts been broken
feel the way it still survives
and will heal you when forgive
for the power of Gods love lives there inside

This precious life
This moment of being
Alive as a sound seeing
this gift of Creation
wrapped with love
with a breath of light

This blessing of existence
is Never to be taken for granted
for you have a chance to behold
The love of creation known

this Precious life
and Sacred breath
Gives us the awareness
and a need to appreciate it

Brought here on angels wings
And all too soon forgetting
The reason you came
The purpose once given
can be tarnished by pain
and the magic then fades away

It if you could just see
The truth of your being
The hope that revels
What it all means

Precious so precious
This gift of life
Don’t let the darkness
Block out the light

George Winston


George Winston grew up mainly in Montana, and also spent his later formative years in Mississippi and Florida. During this time, his favorite music was instrumental rock and instrumental R&B, including Floyd Cramer, the Ventures, Booker T & The MG’s, Jimmy Smith, and many more. Inspired by R&B, jazz, Blues and rock (especially the Doors), George began playing organ in 1967. In 1971 he switched to the acoustic piano after hearing recordings from the 1920s and the 1930s by the legendary stride pianists Thomas “Fats” Waller and the late Teddy Wilson. In addition to working on stride piano, he also at this time came up with this own style of melodic instrumental music on solo piano, called folk piano. In 1972, he recorded his first solo piano album, BALLADS AND BLUES 1972, for the late guitarist John Fahey’s Takoma label.


Since 1980 George has released ten other solo piano albums: AUTUMN (1980), WINTER INTO SPRING (1982), DECEMBER (1982), SUMMER (1991), FOREST (1994), LINUS & LUCY – THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI (1996), which features compositions by the late jazz pianist, including Cast Your Fate to the Wind and pieces from the Peanuts’ TV specials; PLAINS (1999), which was inspired by his Eastern Montana upbringing, NIGHT DIVIDES THE DAY – THE MUSIC OF THE DOORS (2002), and MONTANA – A LOVE STORY (2004) and GULF COAST BLUES & IMPRESSIONS – A HURRICANE RELIEF BENEFIT (2006).

George is presently concentrating mainly on live performances, He will play in Sedona Jan. 29th .He is currently most inspired by the great New Orleans R&B pianists Henry Butler, James Booker, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, and Jon Cleary; and he is also working on interpreting pieces on solo piano by his favorite composers, including Vince Guaraldi, Professor Longhair, and the Doors, as well as Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Ralph Towner, Sam Cooke, Randy Newman, Al Kooper, Jimmy Wisner, Arthur Lee, Frank Zappa, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Cal Tjader, John Hartford, Oliver Schroer, Taj Mahal, Philip Aaberg, Henry Butler, James Booker, Jon Cleary, and others, to play at concerts, and at his solo piano dances.

George is also working on solo guitar and is recording the masters of the Hawaiian Slack Key guitar for an extensive series of albums for Dancing Cat Records ( Slack Key is the name for the beautiful solo fingerstyle guitar tradition, unique to Hawaii, which began in the early 1800s and predated the steel guitar by over half a century. He is also recording his main inspirations for his harmonica playing, Sam Hinton, Rick Epping, and Curt Bouterse.

let it all go
just be present in this moment
where you can find
with the inner peace of your soul

no more worries
no more debate
just the blessing of being
open to the experience of faith

no more trying to please others
or seeking for what’s right
just the breath and depth
of this infinite moment
expressing itself as life

Your Life: Luck, Fate, or Karma

Your life: Luck, Fate or Karma

 Welcome Mystical Perspectives. I’m  Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years All the Inspirational lectures are on


The law of karma can hold us as prisoners throughout our lives until we are released from our past actions by the Light of the lessons we have learned. We can accumulate good karma and bad karma. Much of the law of karma is based on cause and effect and is put into action with our soul’s acquiescence. Life presents us with many lessons so that we may grow and become wiser as a soul. Many people are releasing karma that goes back through lifetimes of experience, so we may not even be aware of our actions that created our predicament. As you grow in your spiritual awareness, you can claim the power to release some of these past actions that can create negative situations in your life.


You can go to the soul and ask to clear your negative karma if you have learned the lessons necessary to resolve that part of your life experience. It does take the process of asking for forgiveness and a strong intent to be able to work from a new level of consciousness so that you can move forward on your life’s path. Asking for forgiveness and clearing the slate takes a conviction to really live our lives in a new way with new guidelines for our actions. The Golden Rule exists as a powerful guideline for your life. When you do unto others as you would have them do unto you, you are living with the principle of understanding the Oneness of humankind. For in truth, the others are part of the same spark that created us. When we act in a hurtful way, we are really harming ourselves. The law of harmlessness in thought and action is part of the path of Light.

 It is possible to free ourselves from the wheel of life by waking up from our life’s dream and the web of maya and stepping into enlightenment. When you step into the center of the wheel of life, you can see your life in a new way and become free of the endless delusions that have been influencing you. 

talk was based on SPIRITUAL MIND POWER AFFIRMATIONS, Dr. Paul Leon Masters latest book. . Practical, Mystical, and Spiritual Inspiration
Applied to Your Life,  Available at and at Go to for all shows.


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