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there are sounds across the universe

lights flash from stars across the infinite sky
we see glimpses of other galaxies 🌌
that try to reach our blue planet
as it spins through space and time

we are not alone out here
we have never been the only life
there are billions of other life forms out there
and we are just a tiny dot in the universe
and one day we’ll find a better way to survive

there are time travelers from other places
there many beings who can fly
we may call them angels or aliens
but they exist beyond
the many limitations of our mind

cosmic forces are at work
and we are just beginning to find
the mysterious secrets of the universe
and I pray we won’t use this power
to destroy each other and mankind

we must tread softly
we must have an open mind
to be ready take our place in the universe
we must evolve into an awakened life

theres’s more out there in the galaxies
then we can ever know
and we are just beginning to see
the clues that are being given to us
to solve these cosmic mysteries

so look up in wonder
and listen to the stars
discover Gods inner secrets
and discover how Great we are


bare naked heart opens to show

the pure white hidden snow
frozen there within the hope
of the promise of what is still waiting
to reach the source of its creation that it knows
holds the fragile blossom of compassion
that unites it once again with the soul

and a pure white light is exposed
that is reflection of what might
be all of the infinite colors combined
in a Rainbows smile
turned to laughter at its final goodbye

a wave of recognition of why
there is this pain in life
why their are always unanswered questions
that linger around lips waiting to be kissed
and will always remain in your sweet song of bliss

it’s beyond the gift of Gods flower
it’s more than can be explained
it’s you and it’s me here
wishing to see some eternal thread
left in the fallen petals that remain
in that dance in the echoes what winds speaks
of your life’s soft secrets of your memories
waiting for return of Gods love
that will redeem it to be complete

it’s about time

to let go of inner pains
to release the past issues you can name
there is nothing that you can claim
that can limit your imagination
or hold you in shame

there is this unlimited power in you
this seed of light that is so true
that carries the force of the universe
just waiting there for you to use

it’s about time to step up to the truth
and drop the blocks you held from your youth
for nothing can stop you if you decide
to embody the love of God inside

so drop the limitations that hold you back
decide that you are free at last
it may not be easy, it may take all you’ve got
but nothing ever can stop a determined heart

until we can accept the truth

of fragile feelings and what they control
until we can find the power Alive in our soul
can we overcome the anger and frustration
and nrelease the hold of the ego

until we see the common thread of all humans
held in the same DNA that joins us
on this planet in a common fate
then we can start to relate and communicate

so what does your soul want to say
what is your heart wishing to convey
what in you needs to be seen
to make Your understanding be complete

if I see you for who you are
and find in me that similar part
can you look back into your heart
and find that we both need to be
aware of what it takes to live
and love and not separate
that God in you is here in me
and when we recognize that one thing
we can start to have more compassion
for what it takes to be free of difficulty
for the judgement we place on each other
mirrors our fear and insecurity

I am a sky of light

I am one with the sun, the moon and the stars
I am one with the eternal now moment
for I am one with God
and all that is and shall ever be

I let my true self shine forth
in Gods measure of time
that shall live on through eternity
I choose to hear the heartbeat of God
and attune to that force of love in my life
I thank God for the gift of this eternal blessing

when we decide to dive deep

and just see what appears
in the hidden territory of our lives
we need to have a lifeline waiting there
somewhere in us is this trust
that we will always Arise
and we will always find the strength to survive
that there is a promise given by God
that even in the depths there is the next breath
that even in the vulnerable broken questions
that have no answer
there is always this love present
somewhere here that we can find for ourself
and that wishes us to hear
so I pray we trust we can dive deep
and that we can reach that place inside
where there is this reassurance
that we are not alone in life
there is this Divine Presence
that can turn the dark to light
and God is always waiting
for you to love your life

somehow through all of this bizarreness

that we encounter in this world
we find that we survive
for the world is really not what we see
and Trump can’t get he needs
to answer all that the ego feeds
the reflections of mirrors that concede
this strange way leaders compete
just does not make sense to me
so you see it really comes down to be
living the way we can be happy
and we are not going to take too seriously
the spinning of the news
only gives us broken clues
and most of what the president tweets
is really pure insanity

some prayers speak to God

demanding understanding
needing to know why
and the hollow truth echoes back
that we cannot hide the fact
that there are some lessons we must face here that we can’t deny
we can not run or hide from what we face
for we are shaped by the winds of Time
are refined by the hard realities that come to light
and others can not read our minds
and not many really want to try
to forge past the accepted way of life

so what of the truth seekers
the ones who want to change
the way we see the world
the ones who don’t fit the mold
and have a different of view of life to behold

we talk to God
we search our souls
we pretend we are other
than what you may know
but there’s no hiding the forces
driving the power of awakening
and more and more out there
are beginning to see the truth what can be

so God give us strength
and help us to have faith
and when the lessons in life are hard
to listen to your guidance and pray
and let us find the higher way

at some point you find your true identity

not some proof of who you are to the world
but some energy that really can be heard
if you listen closely to the silent words

that part that doesn’t fit just fades away
and that energy that with Gods fire is lit
to make a difference finds a way
to be alive in what you say

so unidentifiable and undefined
it is when speaking from your heart and mind
while burning so bright night and day
that the afterglow is sent to be
used to free humanity from all the negative energy
with the power of this precious pure energy
of God Alive in you and me

there is a common language spoken

when we speak from our heart and soul
although all of our life’s circumstances
form us in different energies in our human mold
but we all have this living Spirit
feeding and teaching us there is much more
so we reach beyond the accepted norm
and we knock on the universal door
we are awakening and recognize
what we came here for
we’re beginning to remember
it’s time to kick in the higher plan
and we recognize the same presence
is Alive in the eyes of everyone
so we send a beacon out
in hopes someone may see the light
and all around the world
there are fireworks of lights across the sky
sent out to those who are watching from afar
and the one cosmic energy is radiating
from the same Source there in the stars
joining our lives Eternally
to Gods great love hear in our hearts

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