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and if I feel out of sorts

and not all I want to be
I call upon my inner resource
that Presence of God there are in me

and if I’m tired and weary
from all the things I need to do
I rest in the arms of the Lord
and ask Him to see me through

I look to the heavens and see
a star on the horizon
that shines forth and beams
the hope that lights eternity

I breathe in the Spirit wind
and feel the essence of God within
and let it give me strength
to believe that gift is here each day

and even if I can’t see
that presence of light is still there in me
and even if I don’t know how
I trust that Energy is here right now

and I turn over my Will to Serve
the higher purpose my soul observes
and I smile at the kind way
the Blessed Mother blesses me each day

listen to the celestial souls

sing the praises of this life
behold the wonderful Conductor
who created this Divine sound of light

such a sacred harmony resonates
throughout Gods infinite frequencies
we can be lifted to the Presence
of the miracle of creations essence equally

For We are the instruments of Father Mother God
we vibrate to that universal love
that is in tune with all Creation
and we can bring this symphony of sound forth

and we honor the Creator
of the sacred song of light
we bow and give great thanks
for the inspiration freely given
for us to listen to the hymn of life

may the grace Divine Mother

bless you today
with the gift of feeling
how deep the love she has for you

May This love heal you
with the Presence of compassion
Holy Mercy and all aspects
of the Spirit of the Divine Feminine

we say Thank you to to all Mothers
for our gift of love they share
and all the blessings to us on earth
by Father Mother God and miracle of our birth

there is that flicker

a spark that burns
the calling in the heart of hearts
of God yearns to be heard

so listen for a moment
to the sound of your breath
and let Spirits pure energy
come through the crown of you head

let infinite light fill your body
to be an instrument Gods Will
a vessel of the presence
that knows divine plan fulfilled

and merge with that light
that brings forth Hilt Dove
for you can choose to be
a disciple of the Mothers pure love

can you feel the miracle of life

in your very essence is the presence
pulsing in every moment of life
this energy that is Gods prayer of light

the harmony of the universe
carries this hymn to Gods grace
the blessing of being alive here
in this very moment in Time and space

and sometimes we pretend not to see
the unlimited gift of life’s possibilities
so we do not have feel
how great can be this life we lead

for a few seconds stop and take the time
to believe with your soul
that you are worthy to receive
the blessings of Gods love Divine

and with every breath you take
you can choose to be awake
and be aware of this love in life
a miracle reflected in lifes mirror of light

all of Creation vibrates

to the one great sound of love
and the infinite light from the source
carries this frequency and brings it forth

Spirit dances to the song
this breath of being brings
and we receive the Divine blessings
the Glory of life does sing

we are unlimited energy
alive here in time and space
and we activate that power
when we believe in that gift we have to create

and so we bow to Father Mother God
and the beloved Holy Son
and give thanks for the precious blessings
that so abundantly to us do come

and we are a feather floating
through this life in time and space
an Angels sweet reminder
of the Gods presence and amazing grace

you are limitless beloved

in the soul you are so free
you are a divine reflection of God
behold this beautiful gift of being

holy oh so holy
is this preciousness of life
this spirit from the Source
is alive in your core which is light

Beloved Christ and the Mother
All the Masters’ now align
to join together in a merging
of a oneness so divine

Breathe into your heart beloved
renew your purpose here in life
restore that inner connection and find
you can unite with God

you can choose to be at one
with the atonement of the earth
join with the awakening
and with the higher Plan align

feel limitless of your soul
let yourself soar free
embrace the love of Gods creation
and imagine all of the possibilities

blossom in the beauty
of who you really are
that infinite source energy
is the God alive inside of you

In Father Mother Gods eyes

all is seen and there is nothing to hide
you can be naked and free
of the chains that have held you
for in truth you are limitless and totally alive

can you see yourself as God sees you
can you forgive all of the lies
can you embrace the love of life
and all you have to do to thrive

the Divine Mother shows great mercy
to all those who have lost their way
and we need to have that compassion
and use it in our lives each day

and all the fallen angels
will rise again to find
the lost souls will be saved
and show us the way to guide us on

and the children of the world
will be led from darkness to the light
with God all things are possible
yes miracles do happen in this life

so see yourself as God sees you
and see others with those eyes
love yourself beloved one
and shine forth your brilliant light

we live in our tapestry of our dreams

creating these visions that we see
and as we move from these illusions
and awaken to what our life really means

and this sparkle of the Spirit
shines within each and every Breath
the power of God is fearless
it’s infinite light in our soul does rest

we honor the Holy Mother
that in our hearts brings such grace
and the blessings of Divine vision
to lead us to higher place

and the tapestry we have woven
is gently handed on
to be given as a gift that’s chosen
to leave to a beloved one

and we create a pallette
from cosmic rays of light
to express our deepest caring
for God and the loved ones in our life

and Heavens clouds surround us
and the Son does Shine on through
to lift us and inspire us
with a gift of a vision to create anew

we are a living piece of art
we are more magnificent than we believe
for we are a mirror of Gods heart
and the beauty of love lives in you and me

I am the awe of audicity

the flower of Gods light
I embrace the love of the Creator
and choose to unite with the Source of all life

what can hold me back
from the beloveds kiss of grace
for I am one with this pure energy
his words heard for the human race

The Holy Spirit is alive
and the Queen of Angels is this gift
at one with God and the Holy Dove
delivering Christ born from this sacred love

and we can be in Awe
and be ever so inspired
to find this path of union and awaken
to our true purpose here in life

and the Petals fall on the path
from the Flower in the Mothers hand
to bless and help us to find
we also can unite with Gods love divine

accept the awe and the wonder
believe in the power of this gift of life
you are free to surrender
to the miracle of Christ great light

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