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as I walked

along the path

as the sun began to set yesterday

I saw a butterfly

on the ground

slowly beginning to fade away

there was a stillness

of the wings

and a few slow openings

of the wings

and a strange withdrawal

as the. butterfly

went slowly within

to a different place

not to the sky

but back to the earth again

and I watched

in dismay

and sighed

and said a prayer of goodbye

for the beauty

of a butterfly

with no more flitting

no more flight

just this shared moment

a strange shared time

and I walked on

and wondered why

what was the significance

of this strange goodbye

of a beautiful butterfly

the heart of humanity

needs your love please

there’s such a tendency

to overreact in fear when we see

what this we are facing

which we never thought a possibility

but COVID 19 phobia

seems to be a new reality

and when a person nearby coughs

we kind of just freak out

we wash our hands 12 times a day

step back to be 6 feet away

check to see how many died

how many caught it

how many survived

what are our chances

what’s the real odds

if we’re in a high risk group

should we plan to soon meet God

this dark cloud hovers over

how we live our lives

there’s never been a time

so many have had to stay inside

right here in this moment

are you really ok

stop and face the truth

breathe in some hope and pray

what is to be will be

and together we will face

what are the eventualities

and as we find a way to trace

the lines, the curve

all that news that so disturbs

until one day

the COVID 19 tsunami wave will fade

and all those left after these tests

will look back and take a deep sigh

until that time

I have to say

please be prepared

for a different way of life

call upon your spirit

to get you through these hard days

call upon your soul

for some we know soon will go

and I send my love out

to all of you

I ask that you find a way

to find the heart of compassion

for all that humanity must face

A Healing treatment

Here’s a healing walk into Iao Valley with a relaxing meditation

under COVID skies
with hues of fear
and questions of why
wondering when will this pass by

we know the world will survive
but never had we thought
this disease could stop our lives
as we all struggle to get by

under COVID skies

we see new distancing
and stand back away from everything
while checking the tally
of those who have died


in this moment
are you alright
can you still smile
cause we know it will take a while
so we must have the strength to survive
and get on with our lives


Dr. Lorrin Pang is a district health officer in Maui County, Hawaii.

A talk with Dr. Lorin Pang, Dr. Lorrin Pang is a district health officer in Maui County, Hawaii. We talk about the COVID -19 on Maui.  Dr. Pang has a long career history which includes 24 years with the Army Medical Corporation and 20 years with the Walter Reed Institute of Research. He has been a consultant to the World Health organization since 1985 and has 60 published articles in medical journals regarding the diagnosis, drug treatments, and vaccines for a variety of tropical diseases. In addition, he has had several segments on the ‘Discovery Channel’ and has been selected as one of America’s Best Doctors for the last three years.



oh to escape

to be in a place so fine

with a world of wonders

and endless multi colored skies

oh to breathe in

the perfection of the dream

to float across the universe

a place with no dark Seams

to live in blissful moments

and have Gods loving embrace

to be present in all those components

and to have the strength

to not be afraid

but oh there deep deep within

here and now is more than what it seems

and we can create a better reality

that is right here where we are

dream a brilliant dream

and let it come to be

let your love be seen

set aside the things

that do not bring u peace

let’s all pray one day

that heaven light can lead our way

and we can begin to see

a higher reality

til then we can replicate

what it is we need to make

our life’s a little brighter and free

from the challenging situation

that faces you and me

A talk with Gregor Praecht about Corona Virus in Europe

A talk with my good friend Gregor Praecht about what is going on in Europe. Gregor is born in bavaria, germany with german/american/christian and jewish roots, start musical education with 5 years at private music colleges.sponsoring through a famous german wagnerian tenor, winning of several singing competitions. He has peformed in top halls in Italy and Austria, Nrw York and Maui.

Michael Whalen Shares his wisdom

Michael was born in Long Island, NY, to author, columnist, economist, Presidential adviser and lobbyist Richard J. Whalen and art dealer and author Joan M. Whalen. The family moved to Washington, DC when he was two years old.

Michael is a composer of over 650 television and film scores and thousands of advertising jingles. He has won two Emmy Awards and his works feature in places from TV shows to audiobooks. Projects include the human trafficking film in 2011 Cargoand short films for Disney. As a recording artist and producer, his recent solo piano recording “All The Things I Could Not Say” was released in 2013, and he performs in NYC frequently, where he is an adjunct professor at The City College of New York, and The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Whalen is represented and published by Warner/Chappell Music.

Michael Whalen is a two-time Emmy® Award winning composer and music supervisor (with 8 nominations) who has worked in advertising, television, film and video games for over 30 years. Some of his best-known work: “Veronika Decides to Die” (2014), “What the Bleep Do You Know?”, “As The World Turns”, themes for HBO, CBS News, ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, dozens of specials for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, The BBC, NHK and the History Channel and television films for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. Michael is also an internationally known recording artist with 32 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Well-known for his beautiful and thematic music, he performs when time allows. He has also produced and executive produced over 100 recordings for other artists. His work as a executive producer resulted in a Grammy Nomination in 2000. 

​As well as his music work, Michael is an expert on copyright law, music monetization and digital rights. He consults with major technology and music companies and mentors artists around the world. As a teacher, he has been an adjunct professor at NYU, The Berklee College of Music, and The City College of NY. Michael is also an author, thought leader on the future on digital copyrights and panelist at dozens of major conferences and festivals.

Tools to deal with stress from COVID-19

A talk and meditation to help you deal with the stress of COVID-19.

There are many things available to you that will help to do this.


  1. Listening to Music,
  2. Walking and out in nature
  3. Yoga
  4. Do something creative
  5. Read a good book
  6. Talk to a loved one
  7. Smile
  8. Help another with act of kindness
  • Praying, saying Affirmations and Meditation
  • breathe
  • keep a positive overview and remember


This too shall pass

Life after Life

A talk , meditation and original piece of music on Life after Death. Or as I like to say, Life after Life.



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