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what I see inside
is reflected outward
in the infinite sky
of creations mirror
that directs us to realize
that beauty in nature
never denies
our soul to be inspired

and the body may age and die
but there is this thread of light
that lives through Spirit eyes
and carries a love that even time can’t deny

lord, on high
and living here inside
wrap in me your perfect energy
bless me with your living light

give me the vision to see
the perfection of creation
and what comes naturally
to open my heart and be free
to love life unconditionally

the ship is in the harbour
it’s only here for a day or two
and the clock is ticking out
and there is so much left to do

a star shines down upon me
its waiting as I pray
for God to help to help me see
what must be done today

and there are just a few clocks
that really tick
exceot on 60 minutes
and recordings that are digitally correct

but it’s nice to have reminders
some innate pressure we commit
and once it was the sands of time
and the hourglass that would remind
on how much time we can fit
into what we experience with it

and the ship is in the harbor
only for a day or two
it doesn’t stay too long
and there’s so much left we need to do

so we take a lot of pictures
to make memories
we hope not to forget
for life slips quickly through our fingers
and we must make the most of it

so have some good times
and breathe in the sublime
share a little smile
and try to make your life worthwhile

please dare to dream big

and do not put the worlds limitations

on what you wish to be

for life is what you make it

and your heart sees

what you want it to see

with traces of heavens possibilities

there are miracles that happen

every moment of the day

do not let life’s challenges

bring you down or kill the spirit of what

you can do each day

find the soul of inspiration

and let it be your light

and hold that dream and vision

to lift you in the darkest times

If a person reaches out a helping hand

Do not be afraid to take it

If someone offers you a hug

Open your arms wide and smile

And share the love you find

life is what you make it

Please keep on believing

God is good all the time

For positive energy is alive

And there’s magic so sublime

when you let your love light shine

life is what you make it

Rock Hendricks and Tom Vendetti about playing Saturday Oct. 5th 7pm

There will be a special Maui Premiere Film Screening of the award winning Film One Little Finger & Concert with multi Grammy award winning George Kahumoku and Billboard top artist Rock Hendrickon Saturday Oct 5that 7pm at the McCoy Theater at the MACC.

 One Little FInger hasshown at Cannes Film Festival in 2019 and has won multiple awards around the world. It is about an American neurologist who uprooted her life to research music therapy in India. After arriving in India, she teaches children and adults with disabilities and inspires them to challenge themselves.

 Over a billion people live with some form of disability. This corresponds to about 15% of the world’s population. People are disabled, not only mentally, physically and emotionally, but by society itself. It is statistically probable that everyone will experience a disability at some point in their life.


“One Little Finger” is not just a film, it is a movement that breaks the barriers of the stigma of disability.


Get your tickets now for One Little Finger at the McCoy Theater Go to Maui or call 242-SHOW



talked to Autumn about the Maui Fair Oct. 3-6

I talked to Autumn about the Maui Fair Oct. 3-6

go to





Gates Open
5:15pm-6:00pm Jordon Soon
6:15pm-7:00pm Hale Villaremo
7:30pm-8:30pm Amy Hanaiali’i
9:00pm-10:15pm Homestead and Bradda Waltah
10:30pm-11:30pm Nuff Sedd

Maui Fair Facebook

once your gone

from this life track

the memories are still left behind

the images played stay

as a reflection into the life past

and from afar do you watch

like a star seen through a looking glass

sometimes a thought

of a past life comes back

strange clues renewed

that explains where I’m at

karma has a destiny

and maya is a dream

what part of love is displayed

from the ashes of our resting place

for the Phoenix rises

and spirit dances

in many forms

through all time and space

I believe I’d recognize you

in whatever shape you take

and when my time is done

I’ll fly to find you

in some distant place

and we’ll meet again

in that distant space

merged in that timeless embrace

for now I’ll settle for memories

and those welcome dreams that come

and sometimes a sigh

and the signs sent

that being a smile

you know

I still can’t say goodbye

cause I know

your still with me in spirit for a while

in the memories left behind

The Attitude of Gratitude

A talk, with affirmations an Meditation on gratitude

when there is here

but your here no more

when the memory was clear

but slowly disappears

what is left

but a dream

nowhere near

what is now to be

the reality has since been spent

when the remnants of the moon

slips into the landing field

and nostalgia shadows the way

to reflect what we now see

and so breath

becomes a sigh

and a smile

softly says goodbye

a page is turned

a lesson learned

and there’s a question left

was it all worthwhile

Cris Sommer-Simmons

A great talk with Cris Sommer-Simmons

Congratulations to Cris Sommer Simmons on completing the motorcycle chase on her Retrocycle prepped 1934 Harley VL with a perfect score for mileage. Cris rode her bike from the northernmost point of the USA in Saulte Saint Marie Michigan to the Southernmost point in Key West Florida. The trip lasted 10 days. Cris is a veteran of several Motorcycle Cannonball cross country rides. This is her first time with a perfect score for miles. She placed in the top ten with 3rd place in her class and 7th overall.
We are very proud of her accomplishment in this very grueling and challenging event.

ripple effects from the cosmos
planetary waves of light
a focus on what’s at the core
of the current perception
of what is wrong and right

so many pebbles are thrown
into the water of life
so many circles have spread
to reach us in these waves of time

and we are the pebble
we are the wave
we are the one who can be
a receiver of this energy
we are the transformer
that seeks to perceive
messages transmitted
from a distant space
from the promise of a future race

we are the pool
reflecting back the light
and we can feel
how it effects
our focus here in life

in the pause between each breath
in the shadow that relents
to how our time is spent
is the core of what is here meant

behold the cause of the dream
behold the dreamers mystery
and throw your self into your being
with the passion of your being

for you have the power
to be able to receive
the light behind creation
alive in you right now
in a moment of meditation

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