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free of all peripheral
past the karmic veil of time
is a center force of energy
that removes all of mayas crimes

break the bubble of the dream state
breath in a new reality
put a new cause in its place
with the power to set u free

ride on the mystic carousel
with all its ups and downs
as it spins to the cosmic music
in a distant universe the golden ring is found

chant and sing what’s happening
pray for the presence of mind
to realize the circle of learning
spirals inward to the source of life


Pat Simmons Jr. Talks Story

Pat Simmons Jr. is a singer/songwriter raised on the island of Maui, HI.

“I like to say I’m a surfer by dawn, farmer and father by day, and a musician at night”Pat    

                                              There is so much more to this young country boy’s life than just music… Pat has had a diverse life growing up around the world on tour with his father’s band The Doobie Brothers. He is a rural northern California native, born on the remote Mendocino coast, yet remains a true Maui local, living on the family farm for over 20 years; planting trees and rare Hawai’ian plants. Walking his talk on and off the stage, he carries the message and values of Aloha ‘Āina (Love for the land). Values that teach respect and care for the land that feeds us and supports all life. He feels the responsibility to practice and perpetuate traditional Kanaka Maoli knowledge of his geographic area, as a guest and steward of the ‘āina. Pat is part of a culturally diverse community of islanders who care for the natural environment through simple living. This means protecting what is sacred and having a positive impact on the land and water by gathering food locally, growing fruits and vegetables organically and supporting all forms regenerative agriculture throughout the islands. Surviving cancer, acquiring a degree in Ecology, and raising a child on the same land he was raised on in Maui are all part of what has shaped this young man’s mission.

“It’s all about the future generation!” – Pat Simmons Jr.

Dave Mason

Loved talking to Dave Mason an this wife Winifred. We share excerpts from his New CD, 4Real with Steve Cropper. Dave has loved playing guitar most of his life. He first picked one up when he was 15 and founded two bands: The Deep Feeling, and The Hellions. At age 18, the Worcester, England native teamed up with Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood to form the legendary band Traffic whose profound influence over rock music remains unquestioned even today.  At 19, Mason penned the song “Feelin’ Alright”. First recorded by Traffic, this song has since become a rock and roll anthem and recorded by dozens of artists, including JoeCocker, who had a major hit with the song in 1969.

Mason departed from the group after their second album. In 1969. he headed for the USA to pursue a solo career.  A prolific artist, Mason has penned over 100 songs. He struck gold with the album “Alone Together”, which is considered a rock classic. This was followed by five albums for CBS/Sony including “Dave Mason” and “Mariposa De Oro”, four of which received gold albums. “Let It Flow”, which has gone well over platinum, contained the classic “We Just Disagree”, a top-ten single!

 In addition to performing to sold-out audiences, Mason performed on a number of albums such as The Rolling Stones’ “Beggars’s Banquet”, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, Paul McCartney’s “Listen To What The Man Said” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland”. One of the songs from the “Ladyland” album, “All Along the Watchtower”, featured Dave playing acoustic guitar. This song, written by Bob Dylan, remains a big favorite in Dave’s live show! 

His solo career is linked with numerous members of rock and roll elite, including Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, Leon Russell, Ron Wood, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, and Jim Capaldi. In addition to his own productions, Mason’s distinctive work is featured on numerous gold and platinum albums such as: 


dive deeper
and breathe in peace
get out of illusions
and reach a new peak

get real and then laugh
at this crazy life
and all the things you bury
when you run and hide

with a breath of being
be truly awake
to the presence renew
the soul precious space

and in the pause between
your awareness is seen
there is this smile that comes
that can set you free

make peace with your self
and the life that you live
you can learn to face anything
from strength God gives

dive deep and come up
to a new state of mind
find hope and believe
that life is good all the time

Pacific Whale Foundation’s Whale Festival

I talk with Marina about the The annual Maui Whale Festival, presented by Pacific Whale Foundation, is a series of inspiring events held during Maui’s peak humpback whale season. Each occasion and activity is designed to build awareness and share our love of marine animals and their ocean habitat. Join them as we celebrate the 39th annual Maui Whale Festival in 2019 with engaging, fun and educational events.

do your fears haunt you
those shadows of tour thoughts
is just the other side of truth
that worries about what may be

why not take a breath
and let soul be in control
and release those worries
and set that free

don’t let the sun be eclipsed
by the dark side of the moon
there is a greater power
and it lives inside of you

the egos shadow would control you
and drive your mind insane
but let God be the driving force
and find a better way

what is real
is good that may bring a smile
let that smile bring that energy
of what’s important in your life

a star made a wish
as it saw the light of earth
and sent it the gift of hope
through the spheres the wish was heard

for there is a deep connection
and compassion for what we are
and in the universe we’re one
and sense what’s happening from afar

there are forces at work
to help this planet evolve
the creator understands creation
and send energy so we in time solve

but it’s up to us to do the work
it really is our choice
and we can wish upon a Star
if we believe in a higher mind

and I dreamt a star made a wish
but really it might have been mine
there is always a presence that’s waiting
no matter how distant in time

there are wishes that fly so high
in Gods house a different sense of time
and there are prayers that are alive
throughout all space and time

and somewhere a star is shining
and someone is making a wish
and sometimes the star catches it
and we see the dream makers power
that holds the magic it gives

sweet beings of this planet
earth dwellers here in form
we are just empty vessels
looking for love to be be reborn

we can have great riches
all that we can buy
but without loves presence
something is missing
and we don’t even know why

it’s time to invite
the Holy Spirit in
to find your way of bringing
and the goodness of the one pure light

to have a love that lasts
we need to get past the fear
and ask for Spirit to be here
our silent partner is always near

sweet beings of this planet
earth dwellers of here in form
we are just empty vessels of matter
waiting for Gods love to be reborn

The sweetest angel lost her wings
She fell and broke into two things
And here I pray
For a merging one day

what does this mean
No matter how hard it seems
We find a way
to be redeemed

we fall and get up
And we lose what we kept
We learn to accept
There’s still more of life left

A heart is broken
A wound is healed
And we get wiser and learn
From the life we lead

We fall and get up
And hide the scars
And heal the heart
And secretly wish on the brightest star

The sweetest angel has come to earth
And still remembers her holy birth
And the love gets tstronger
And it lives a little longer

never gives up
On the important stuff
it’s more than luck
It’s the power of love

We fall and get up

Turning Failure into Success

a Powerful talk to motivate you about how you can turn Failure into Success. Mystical Insight based on Dr. Paul Leon Masters Spiritual Mind Power Affirmations. 

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