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right now deal with it
whatever is leftover
what may be incomplete
taste it, feel it, and relate
and meet it face to face
make that space for the courage
to be able to accept this true energy

it is what you make it
it is a mirror for you to see
don’t habituate the darkness
let the power of light be the key

breathe in the prayer
that sets you free
by communicating with your soul
with a resolution of awakening
to all of life’s possibilities

right here and now
you have the choice
to love your life and see
the purpose that you came here for
is waiting if you just believe


Making Changes…When and How

Making Changes..When and How

Welcome Mystical Perspectives. I’m your Host Rev. Cindy Paulos. I have been studying and teaching with The University of Metaphysics, in its various forms for over 50 years All the Inspirational lectures are on



Making Changes..When and How

 Do you believe things can change for the better

 Are you stuck in safe

Are you afraid of changes

Practical, Mystical, and Spiritual Inspiration
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The time has come, so wait no more,
If you have been holding back,
the time is here and you are called
to open up that door.

It’s been on the long, long journey
And it’s so good to know that you’ve arrived
And now you can call upon all of your life’s lessons
To find what you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Here now is your hearts passion
Here now you can use all the tools of the trade
and all of the gifts you’ve been given
Can be used to serve those who need your help today.

So call upon the light in your soul
Believe again in your dreams
Be prepared to let the love you are
Be present and redeemed

Come, come all you of the light
come all you pilgrims of the way
call upon the love you are
and let that pure energy be present every day

For now your reasons to believe
That have come from the light of your soul
And all the blessings given you
Are there to share for others to know

The time is here, the time is now
To let your light shine bright
So be truth of who you are
And Be present in the light .

Be it and believe it
For the new day is here at last
The time has come and is here at last
To become the love of God here in your life.

Behind the picture frame

in this life behind the picture frame
would I speak as you speak
would I act as you act
would I always be prepared

no I can only be aware
of how I came to be here
and what I can’t ignore
the feelings seen behind closed doors

I can allow myself to understand
the reasons I need to explore
this breath in space and form
this life and so much more

no matter how hard we try to control
what our life is like
there comes a sacred time
where we must truly let go

for life will always change
and no matter how our minds
will try to arrange and rearrange
still there are forces we can’t contain

so we must learn how to maintain
the faith we need to sustain
when part of life is deranged
we find a way to turn the page
and see the greater picture
behind the picture frame

Ogmundur “Thor” Johannesson, from Iceland

 Ebb and Flow’s 20th anniversary will feature a special free show  Saturday, with Icelandic guitarist, Ogmundur “Thor” Johannesson in a solo recital. There will be a pre-concert discussion at 6:30 and show at 7:30.

Ogmundur Thor Johannesson was born in 1980 in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. He started learning classical guitar when he was 10. From 2000 to 2002, he studied classical guitar in Barcelona under the tutelage of Amaesson Amadou, Ricardo Jesus Gallen and Alex Garob Sadalo. In June 2008, Ogmundur graduated from Salzburg Mozarteum University of Music under the instruction of Marco Diaz Tamayo. 
Ogmundur has won a number of honors and awards, including the 1st place in the 7th Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition held in Linares, Spain, the 2nd prize in the 2nd Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition held in Lambesc, France, as well as prizes in Tokyo and Bangkok international guitar competitions. He performed at various music festivals and concerts including Nordic Music Days in Reykjavik as well as concerts and in Brazil, USA, Israel, India, Britain, Austria, Russia, etc. He received excellent critics for the Tíbrá Concert Series in Iceland in 2005 and 2008 from the Icelandic Morning Newspaper: “…Ögmundur is an astonishing guitarist”, “…technical security… emotional depth… convincing… with fire… guitarist of great expectation…” Ogmundur currently resides in Berlin.  
Ogmundur is on a concert tour around China, which has taken him to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Beijing. The works played on Ocean without Paths – Icelandic music for guitar are inspired by the volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers and awe inspiring nature of Iceland and represent the unique charm of the Icelandic people and their country. The program has been recorded and presented worldwide. 


this country should be united
by the good will and the righteous
instead we are divided
split apart by greed and racial spite

we live in a land of diversity
there is such good together we can see
in what makes up our greater need
to overcome the hatred please

we should be able to live
together united and to forgive
the past is past and we can all exist
and work for a better way to give

lets builds a future that resists
the hatred and anger
and allow a new foundation lit
the power of goodwill and be strong
with the equality that this country
was founded and built upon

it may be crazy to believe
but think one day we will see
the higher path of understanding and peace
can one day turn the world around

Kristie Wrigglesworth, Acting Executive Director of Pacific Whale Foundation

An interview with Acting Executive Director of Pacific Whale Foundation, Kristie Wrigglesworth. 

Kristie is the Deputy Executive Director of Pacific Whale Foundation and manages day-to-day operations. She has been a lifelong advocate for animals and is passionately committed to protecting marine mammals and their environment. Kristie obtained her B.A. in Law and Justice from Central Washington University and her J.D. Cum Laude from Seattle University, where she studied animal law. She is licensed to practice law in Washington State and the State of Hawaii. We talk about welcome home the Whales this Saturday, and the upcoming auction.

I got the email today
saying that you passed away
I couldn’t answer it just yet
but truly part of me knew
when the door opened wide
and you walked on through

I can’t even cry
because I know it was time
for your body to choose to die
but I know your spirit is still alive
and I send my deepest love and gratitude
to your soul that is so sweet and true
I send all my love to the heart of you

and there are no words
that can really express
the last look that we shared
that I will never forget

all I can say
is I know we will meet again
and until that day
I will pray that you are blessed
on your path that journeys on
and that God’s love and light
is with you always along the way

stop and take the time to pray
And ask the Holy Mother’s help,
And ask for some compassion
For those who are suffering everyday.

Yes, we need to have compassion
And we need to find a better way,
To stop the ego from controlling us
When we think we are better
than others in this time and space.

So ask for a little compassion
It’s a gift that the Holy Mother brings,
And with compassion come the power
to understand in spirit we are one with everything.
There is such grace in giving
That energy that heaven shares,
It lets us find a way to forgive and release
Our judgments so we can truly care,

is the word of God even heard
in the sounds that you observe
can you find what creates
the source of the listening curve

and that sacred music of the spheres
is filtered by so many versions of truth
clothed the mystical thread of being
that needs to be preserved to free you

from the chanting to the ranting
from the marketing and the branding
and now God has been packaged
and are for sale online or in apps
in a payment plan for the masses
while an agent takes the assets

is the word of God still pure
with a love that understands the cure
with enough power to exist here
in the form that must perform
ti survive in this life and overcome fear
to let the higher plan appear

but you don’t have to pay to pray
and you can meditate each day
and you can hear the word it’s true
all you have to do
is listen to the silence
and find God right there inside of you

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