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Clifford Naeole and Hokulani Holt Padilla

I talked with Clifford Naeole and Hokulani Holt Padilla about the 2019 Celebration of the Arts April 19 & 20 at the  Ritz-Carlton.  A gathering of Hawaii’s most reputable artisans, educators, cultural practitioners, speakers and entertainers, April 19-20, during the 27th Annual Celebration of the Arts.

Opening ceremonies include traditional Hawaiian oli (chants) from Hawaiian practitioners while music and hula will be continuous throughout the weekend. Hands-on art, demonstrations, films, cultural panels, music and dance will act as the common ground to allow visitors and residents the opportunity to interact and enjoy the “Number 1 rated cultural event” according Modern Luxury Hawaii magazine. The Celebration of the Arts has also been the recipient of the coveted “Keep it Hawaii Kahili Award” presented by the Hawaii Tourism Association.

The Celebration of Island Tastes will culminate the weekend festivities and is a brand new twist on the traditional Celebration Lu’au and Show!  Hawaiian food prepared by Hawaiian hands – from various local families, non-profits, vendors and practitioners.  Stroll through the Pavilion and fill your plates with the best prepared traditional and contemporary lu’au foods in the State on this given night.  Live entertainment will complete the ambiance as you engage in conversation and perhaps obtain a secret recipe!

The Celebration After-Hours Party is the grand finale. The finest talent in Hawaii will take the stage with impromptu performances in a fun filled jam-session that reflects upon the spirit of aloha that the islands are known for.   For more information on The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, please visit

We hope to see you here at the AAA Five-Diamond Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. For tickets or additional information, please call (808) 669-6200 and speak with our Concierge team.


Satchel Gleason and Lelle about 420 festival,

Great talk and songs with Satchel Gleason and Lelle about 420 festival, April 20th.

Behind the black hole

a candle burns in space

with a flame inside a hidden place

a black hole has a name

unknown to those who worked

to captured it’s soul in a frame

there’s a magnet of emptiness

that life dreams into the human race

and we are pulled to find nothingness

that lives in what we don’t know

while the darkness

hides the light of the soul

we want answers that help us

to complete our life

given in easy sound bytes

that we repeat until we get it right

we need a safety net

to catch us if we fall

that does not come

with too high a price

so we can buy and sell

and upgrade to make billions

and then be happy somehow

so we take a picture of a black hole

we venture into the unknown

with a dream to get answers

while we only get to see

the outer edges of distant reality

there are so many mysteries in life

that we must play detective

to try to justify what’s right

here in our existence

here while we’re alive

and there’s a candle

that burns without a flame

there’s a breath fed that spirit claims

that drives us each and every day

there’s this amazing grace

that has no face

we wish on the stars

and are humbled

as we try to figure out who we are

while in the depths of our soul

there’s still more answers in this universe

for us to know

what drives us in this life

what makes us happy

what’s wrong and right

what creates the light

of the planets and stars

and the truth of who you are

what’s seen and unseen

after this life where do we go

what’s really behind the black hole

Ann Randolph

Ann Randolph will be making a special appearance with her presentation. 

INAPPROPRIATE IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS  -This  FRIDAY APRIL 12, at the Historic Makawao Union Church

”  Alanis Morissette says:”Ann is a Master Teacher and Performer”  and Mel Brooks “She’s a Genius”  Randolph fuses her trademark irreverent observations to create a wildly entertaining night of theater.

 Get tickets at, Global Media Productions. Com, or call 808-283-5365

Ann is an award-winning writer and performer. Her current solo show, Inappropriate in All the Right Ways, has been described by The Huffington Post as “a show like no other.” After taking the audience on an audacious, disastrous and glorious ride, Ann invites audience members to take the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Her show, Loveland, played for two years straight in San Francisco where it won the SF Weekly Award for Best Solo Show and garnered the SF Bay Critic’s Award for Best Original Script. Loveland also played to sold out audiences in LA and won the LA Weekly award for Best Solo Show. After the show, audience members would wait in the lobby to share with her their experiences of loss and grief, themes touched on in the show with absurdity and candor. In response, Ann created a unique theatrical experience at the Arena Stage in Washington, DC where she held a post-show interactive writing workshop on grief and loss.

oh you

beautiful artists of this life

all gathered together here

on this energy field of light

oh you

poets and writers who capture words

with power to ignite

the passion of the worlds

dance of dark and light

oh you musicians

that listen to the muse

with mystic clues

that feeds the fire we use

to lift us to a higher view

and to the ones that are in need

of finding the doorway

through the art in life they see

so the share visions of this life we lead

thank you from my heart and soul

to all those gifts you share

that bless our path

with the dedication that unfolds

a greater way to be able

to enlighten this life we lead

here’s a bow of deep gratitude

for the hope you bring to a world in need

your inspiration feeds

the heart and soul of our true being

keep on listening

keep on writing

keep on inviting

others to reach out and share

what you have to express

to awaken us and make us aware

there’s a reason you are here

and its important for you to know

there are others who really care

The Maui Family YMCA, Healthy Kids Day

 The Maui Family Y is having Healthy Kids Day on Saturday April 21stfrom 8am-1pm.

The event will kick off with a 5 K ar Fun Run around Keopuolani Park. There will be family friendly activities, bike inspections and water activities.



not been part of any administration

have never worked for any corporation

small biz indie is the only way to fly

to be free of the rules

that keep you paralyzed

but freedom comes with a high price

with no guarantee of pension or raise

it’s all up to me to fight

to make my own way

so it comes down to having more faith

to believe and hope that there’s always a way

to carve out a place

where you can live out your dream

in your own unique way

and your own identity

so part of my mind heard

to love more, just live more

and my mind is derived

of all these inputs of what it accepts

or what it rejects to stay alive

so how to let go of the hurt

and the judgements inside

that separate and divide

and to accept I’d rather hide

ah I heard that

just love more

and all these stories of being we see

is part of our human side that reveals

this strange dance here in being alive


it’s so much easier to meditate

if I could I’d be a hermit

and run and hide

i would if part of me didn’t know

the soul came here to know

how to live with more love

and be here and grow

into the light that Christ shows

with forgiveness and understanding

I hope one day to behold

a moment when all of life makes sense

of this strange play of nonsense

and can just live with more love

and let that soul show

and I hope that all unfolds

into a reality that opens

to what was once fortold

we will live with more love eventually

Andrea Smith on Bali and Egypt

 A wonderful talk with world famous Andrea Smith.

A ray of hope

if I hold out a ray of hope

would you take it

if I offered a rose

would even place it in a vase

can you look at love in the naked space

of seeing you’re pure heart

in the inner place

where the anger is erased

and the beauty of caring

is a white flag of truce

for life and the human race

would it make a difference

if you recognized

it’s all just one cosmic field

with the choice you make

deciding the way you wish see

and who you choose to be

cause there is so much more that awaits

a bigger picture of the planet

that’s alive with this brilliant light

that answers with a smile

if you just give up the fight

and make some peace with life

there is hope

and a library of clues

a state of mind

that embraces all of you

with of a better way of being

waiting here for you to choose

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