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I ask to Walk with God

So I can be centered in peace today
And discover love is always the answer
Love is the the only way

And if I find I need to clear
Any of the blocks in my heart away
Help me understand your truth
For with compassion I’m freed each day

Help me find that Presence
Let me be aware
That your amazing grace can save me
And you are always waiting there

To walk with me in the forest
To be with me when I’m down
To lift me to a higher place
Where with you I can be found

Walk with me God
For your love shines so bright
It gives the vision of heaven
And that gift of your living breathing light

I feel your strength within me
I hear you answers when I pray
I ask you now to be with me
And help to show the way

Walk with me God
So I can see your love and light
So I may recognize we’re all one
And share blessings of love your in life


I look up to th skies

colored by a rainbow from heaven on high
I see Clouds that look light angels faces
With outlines of Gods precious grace

there’s such exquisite beauty in this world
I wonder why we can’t absorb
Creations Glory to feed our souls
to bring into our lives to know

we get lost in all the illusions we’re sold
all the to dos to get done take a toll
we’re brought done by the news that unfolds
and lose the light of the soul

the ethereal so fine but n design
with the creative vein I can’t define
gets lost in all the to dos
of this material space and time does use

yet there is always Spirits call
to find that love In the heart of it all
to be iving here in this material plane
and still aware there is a better way

so I look up to the sky
and still watch where the path lies
to get me to that heavenly place
and I’m amazed at Gods mysterious ways

I search for what was once found

not quite aware that it is right here
so sure that I had it already
I moved on to the next thing that was there

it’s that song that speaks
the password to my soul
that reminds me of the passion that calls
and holds the key to tear my defenses down

do I hear it in the spirit knocking
or is it the wind that whispers to my soul
these secret words that unlock clues it holds
saying love is always the answer
love is all you need you know

so I turn and ask to receive
that Love I need and am told
go to the source within you
feel Gods love fill your heart and soul

if it’s all I need I need to feel it
so right here and now God
let me find a way to make real
these answers that I am told

for its not enough to just believe
I feel I must receive a way to be
able to share what I believe
for that love is alive in everything

hear the prayer of God

sung with a universal tone
a sacred vibration of energy
that unifies the world as one

pray with your heart
and commune with your soul
talk to God in the silence
and listen to the guidance told

hear the eternal song of God
let it lift you to the light
for it carries the pure energy
that inspires our purpose in life

in prayer the angels sing their praise
with a harmony that’s divine
be in tune with Creations energy
and become that love in your life

breath in the presence of Gods pure love

a love that accepts all you unconditionally
for who are can not be hidden
by God it is always known

you are a child of God and you hold
in you the unlimited light
from the source of all creation
is a mirror that reflects this dream of your life

open your inner eyes to see
the pure gift of spirits rays
clear any shadow of doubt away
and release all illusions that comes your way

for behold you are so much more
than you may even know
you have the connection
to Gods Presence alive in your soul

hold open that hearts space and let it show
the flame of Christ’s pure love that grows
and burns with a fire so bright
to protect you throughout the darkest night

so you can be in the presence
of Gods redeeming grace
and find that power within
to find the love that truly saves

breath in the Spirit and come face to face
to be in that sacred space
where you commune with the Source
one to one each day

what is your true reality based on

what is the motivation that you ride on
what is the driving force within
that influences where each thought begins

is there an inner peace
that you can call upon
is Gods call there to direct you home
to the path you need to follow on

can you plant the seeds of hope with care
in the fertile field of those thoughts that appear
and clear all those stubborn weeds away
to grow and cultivate more love each day

can you feel the power of Gods eternal light
beyond the ups and downs of life
and the golden blessings of lessons we find
and the important things we rely upon

we honor and give Great thanks
to God who gave us this amazing life
and we take time to share our gifts
with a little more kindness in the way we live

what is it you have to work with

what can be done with your life
when each breath is a reflection
of what you’re aware of and what you deny

are you really listening
to some cosmic inner connection
as your soul is guiding you near
and speaking to you while your here

can you align it all in time
this body, spirit and mind
fused for a while as a unit
can you love it enough to use it

right here and now in this moment in time
looking at the results of your life
do you accept and really like
what’s there for you to find

are the good and bad things alright
in this process of life you to find
can you be still and really see
God’s gift in you and me

and you do what you need to do
and know it’s somehow ok to review
a way of working through this way of living
on this strange planet on which we’re spinning

from the other shore

the Angels watch
as the earth cries to be restored
and Mother natures rage will not be ignored

and as they pray for all souls in need
so many here join them here
to bring to this world we see
to bring balance and some harmony

and through the darkest times
there is a candle at Gods alter that burns
and a beacon of light that shines
where all those prayers are heard

and even if we cannot see
those angels are there
and they pray each day
as they watch over you and me

let’s all do whatever we can
in prayers we send to our fellow humans
who are seeking some kind of relief
from the hard times that the see

there are people of the world
who need our help
and to all the earth angels we bow
and yes each prayer and light sent counts

where is that fine line

diffrentuateing this separation we find
in the us and them which does not rhyme
with the souls nectar of Gods pure wine

and in this harvest time
we gather the fruit off the vine
and yet with all our busy life’s
the sacrament does not answer why
the world is so very thirsty for a way
to kill all the pain we see each day

and so we meditate and pray
for the promise of a better way
to bring the world more happiness and relief
and some perfect path to inner peace

so Father/Mother God divine
source of this creation you designed
it’s time to help us shine your light
and drink the spirit of your sacred wine
to become the love we need to find

I listen to the sounds of the cosmos

I tune into my heart and soul
to hear the Gods prayer thats calling
as this Spirit that guides the path to follow

so long is the journey
that leads me to the pathway home
and through the magic that’s discovered
we find that we are truly one

all a part of this Creations dream
weaving Maya’s secret spell
til enough who find the clues
awaken the world and seek to tell

there’s so much more light waiting
there’s this higher realm of heavenly space
with a love that the master has for us
that will save us with such amazing grace

I can only bow in gratitude
and try to pray to find a way
to share a just a partial view
of the magnificence Gods Creation displays

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