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clear away the dust of illusions
and all of life’s stress and confusion
breathe in the power of clarity
the inner light that can set you free

as time ticks away
we ride on these currents of space
busy so busy we can’t even find
the love that brings some peace to mankind

and when we stop and listen
we can sometimes hear
the words of the heart true fusion
with The Source that brought us here
so clear, so near, so present
and so heaven sent


words have the power
of the thought they convey
and they are thrown out by spirit
to be carried on their way

and where do these words come from
and where do the land
as they land in the vastness
of the world’s internet neverland

I am a messenger
a word catcher that prays
that all these thoughts find wings
to touch others in someway

and for all the millions of words
that come to my mind
I thank the mystic messenger of Spirit
that navigated to catch these words
and let them fly out to the world

I was thinking about unconditional love
and of those who I accept
for who they are
without any shadow or judgement of

and it came in a circle
back round to me
and whether I could love myself
and accept who I am unconditionally

I wonder why we are so demanding
in what we expect
maybe we never got enough respect

but if God loves us just as we are
perhaps that will help
get us over our lifetime of hurt and scars
and maybe we could let ourselves be
able to love ourselves
and others unconditionally

so after 3 years
my new book is finally here
and it’s hard to try to understand
what’s going on with Createspace
as they disappear in to Kdp land

all this editing and formatting
all the details that it takes
makes it hard without a person
to help figure out the how to fix
the problems of extra blank pages
and page numbers that don’t correlate

birthing a book takes some patience i know
and someone to help with edit skills
and a friend who can format
and hold your hand as your scream at will

but it does eventually it gets done
and then off to marketing you must run
and there’s the press release you need
and you should have a video to compete

and who can you beg to do a review
most everyone you know
is tired of saying nice things
or don’t understand why it’s so important to you

and I had laugh to today
when a Facebook friend did say
what’s your next project anyway
cause I’m already getting ready to do
the audio book version too

accept the light of the cosmos
Into the body, mind and soul,
be born anew into the pure reflection
Of love that’s Alive in what we choose to do

The old patterns and thoughts of limitation
Are transformed into the radiant understanding
Of the infinite Source of creation.
That Allows the body to be healed,

Allow the heart to love,
With total trust and acceptance
Of the journey That brought us here.
To just be

Allow the mind to be free
To see the way of the one
Who is the master of light
The one who holds forth

The hope of humanity
to achieve Liberation from darkness,
to open the doorway
To bring heaven to Earth
And peace to the world.
There is a path to peace

the path is found through the understanding That the human Spirit is alive in love.
See the love in the darkness
And bring it to life.

Believe in the hope that the human Spirit
Is aligned in all of humankind
And this Spirit knows the oneness of all.
For it is from the one belief
in the divine plan of God

And the purpose of humanity to live in peace
That I can know God’s love
and bring heaven to Earth.

it’s been a while
since a felt that rapture
of the souls sweet smile

what with all the weather and stress
I let the mind spin into unrest
cause the spiral of bad news in life
charges the Mind with a ticket that is overpriced

so I just need to get back
to that center of my being
where there is no lack
it’s just some place where I give thanks

for the embrace of God’s presence here now
has the blessings I need somehow
and with a deep breath I release
the crazy stuff lifes stress can bring

and once again I feel
God is good all the time
and I’m grateful for the moment the soul smiles
that brings a peaceful state of mind

Danaë Ianthe Vlasse, A Fantastic Pianist who is a Citizen of the World

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse is the director of Music Vision Studios, where she teaches piano, theory and composition. She is an MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher with a degree in Piano Performance and over 15 years of teaching experience. As a composer she has contributed to the film industry, and her work as been featured on international radio broadcast. She is a recipient of the Clouzine International Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, multi-recipient of the Global Music Awards, and the Prestige Music Awards, as well as a multiple-winner of the MTAC “Composers Today” Advanced Division, multiple-winner of the Indie Music Channel Awards, nominated at the Producer’s Choice Awards, the Independent Music Awards, and multi-nominated at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Furthermore, she is active in collaborations with other composers from all over the world; she has worked with composers and musicians living all over Europe, the Middle-East and India. 

        Nearly all of Mrs. Vlasse’s music has been premiered; most recently, her music has been performed by pianists Nadia Spachenko, Mina Perry, Robert Thies, Bryan Pezzone, Brendan White, Tri Nguyen (France), Arsen Jamkotchian, Carlos Marquez (Spain), Joaquim Bonal Sarro (Spain) and Harout Senekeremian, sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kuar, flutist Ying Li, chamber trio Artifacto

        David Wilcox, the director and choreographer of the Longbeach Ballet, has also choreographed dance to Danaë’s music.

       People experience myriad transitional and, often, ambiguous emotional states; this album explores an intersection of the conscious mind and the subconscious while caught in dreams, memories, and longing. The album presents these concepts against the backdrop of transitions in nature, as portrayed through the ebb-and-flow of ocean tides, the passage of day into night, and the cycle of the seasons

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse has been praised by critics and audiences for her neo-Romantic writing, which has been described as “a current of old-world tension and modern angst.” Critics have also praised her patient and regimented approach to composition as “crafted with absolute depth and emotional presence.” Mrs. Vlasse’s native France is a clear influence in her harmonic language and melodic ideas, while her Greek heritage guides her Classical approach to structure with balanced form and carefully measured phrases. Mrs. Vlasse lives in Los Angeles, where she is engaged in music-making with the finest musicians of Southern California, and she also collaborates with musicians and other composers from all over the world.

the rain beats out a rhythm
it speaks to the grey dancing trees
the clouds bring a mystic vision
and the storm brings a kind of awe to see

and there is a bird that calls
as a thirsty earth is drenched
this storm that passes over
carries a higher force that’s sent

nature speaks in many ways
if we just listen we can hear
there are messages that are given
in the sound of life that’s oh so clear

and the rain keeps its own rhythm
and the wind through the trees sings along
and there’s poetry in the music
that is Alive in Nature’s song

there’s this stirring of a storm that’s coming
and as it draws so near
everyone runs around
as we try to be prepared

the sky is thick with layers of clouds
with shades of dark blue and gray
and the birds are all hard in flight
as they try to reach the trees to hide

and there’s an ominous stillness
that always comes before a storm
as we wonder what it will bring
in the early hours of tomorrow’s morn

and through the last days of summer
we often will recall
other storms and hurricanes
that were close but didn’t effect us at all

and we talk about the storm that’s coming
as we watch and wait
no one wants to really work
there’s this change of energy we anticipate

so we look up to the heavens
and we say our little prayers
and we do what must be done
and share our thoughts with others here

Let the cosmos sing,
As you all sing along,
You are the choir that is directed
By the energy of one.

All the radiance that‘s been lit
by The fire that burns so bright,
Shines as a cosmic rainbow
Across the layers of light.

And the song is heard by God
And the dance moves to the song.
The harmony brings blessings
Of great joy for the work to be done.

Sweet calling of the angels,
Sweet blessings of the choir
Leads you to the doorway
to heaven’s holy fire.

All the universe is held
in the Source of life that’s here,
Come celebrate this life
and the music of the spheres.

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