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we call upon the source of all life

the divine creation one great whole
to be alive in the divine presence
here within the fertile seeds of our soul

we open up our hearts
to make a space for love to grow
into a live without limitations
and embrace the highest truth to know

we are the ones who are here
to shine our inner light and be
able to open up the doorway
to understand to needs if humanity

let us demonstrate the way
to live and work and be
following the path of loving kindness
for it holds the way to set us free

Liu Xiaobo has died

the white crane flies free
as the stars welcome his soul
that no longer can be Imprisoned
for the truth that he has told

and the reflection of the wings
shimmering cross the land
as we remember what it takes
to escape the chains of man

with a breath and a sigh
the countries propoganda can’t deny
for The imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Liu Xiaobo has died

and his words live on as the wind
blows the dust of time away
freed at last from Chinese prison
his voyage will never fade

the whispers of the wings
touch lives in ways unknown
as the white crane soars on high
we claim the shame of those unnamed
who could not stop his spirit
from flying free to his new home

step into the light

of the power within you
to the depth of your very soul
that force that leads you through
to find the key to heavens throne

stand in the center of your being
let nothing bring you down
on the journey you will discover
just what you need will be found

on the way you will find answers
to all the questions that you have
and if your intention is strong enough
you’ll have the strength to carry on

so step into that brilliant light
and let all your fears just fade away
you are a beloved Child of God
and His love is there with you each day

how do we express

the mystic gift of the presence
this all powerful energy
that seeks to dance with our essence

ah to welcome that source
and let it be alive in the light
that is here in our souls
and breath it into our lives

to recognize and receive God
into our consciousness
and merge with that force
that is our universal source

to embrace that grace
that has a secret place
deep in our hearts space
and shine fearlessly forth to the human race

til finally we come face to face
with our eternal soul
and Christ’s true role
by teaching us with love we grow

into that light in the temple
to be the truth of who we are
walking that path that leads us
to that gift of expressing our soul

its time for the souls awakening

and to find the lighted way
from the place heavens higher dwelling
to the illumination of our path to take

with the spirit that ever was and ever shall be
we embrace life’s opportunities
and choose that higher pathway
and clear the blocks and set us free

can you feel the energy
the turning of the cosmic wheels
all the prayers that help us onward
to reveal to us our divine destiny

are you one of the lightworkers
cLlef to do your souls work
and celebrate the new day coming
of a better life on planet earth

for it’s time for all who care
to do whatever they can
to drop the egos separation
and serve a higher plan

get it all out

see it accept and free it
no matter how you try you can’t escape
from where you come inside

so why not just be it
and embrace the truth of who you are
with nothing left but this flickering glow
that holds the inner light of the soul

breath in the naked spirit
that lives without a form
and dances through our life
a transparent shadow the Son transforms

we stand in need and reach for more
the teaching of which kindness is the core
that is used to clear out egos way
until humbled by Life we find loves door

and the empty life is ready
to find the reasons why
and hold forth the hearts chalice
and find an eternal life

the light of the presence

blossoms in the soul
as the mystic rose
of Gods love grows
to be placed upon the alter
as petals fallen from heaven
with gratitude gathered as an offering
to the one who holds the key
that open the door that leads
to the path of our divine destiny

and with each lesson we encounter
and each step we take along the way
the falling and the rising waves of life
teach as to understand what is right

and every time God shows us mercy
as we move from darkness to the light
we in turn become indebted
to share that gift in our life

and light will guide us onward
as time and space do spin
in this cosmic circle we travel
with no beginning and no end

on his holiness’s birthday

who turns 82 today
so grateful for the example
of living kindness that he displays

the path to peace he’s followed
and all the teachings that he’s gived
the intention that he’s set
as he walks the talk in the way he lives

I think of all the lives
that he has touched with his humble way
that he had the wisdom to forgive
those who took his homeland away

yes the work of the Dalai Lama
has kept the spirit of Tibet alive
I thank him from my heart and soul
for how he’s inspired so many lives

waiting for the words to come

before the break of dawn
listening the breath of God
to let Spirit unite me to the One

there so much on my plate
that it’s hard to really digest
so I trust in Gods help to get me through
for with his guidance I know I’m blessed

so I breath that Spirit into my soul
and soon I feel the Presence of light
a gentle wind comes and speaks to me
and I know that it’s alright

the ups and downs of life
and the dramas of the day
all will unfold in good time
it helps to remember that all will be ok

so let your worries go
put your mind at ease
go inside and meditate
and find that inner place of peace

trust in God to guide you
let your compass be set
on the path that will help you to be
in harmony with what is best

I thank the lord for all the blessings
the teachings that come what may
for all the answered prayers
and miracle of living every day

and on this country’s Birthday
as today we celebrate
let the goodness overcome
those who are ruled by hate

may the torch of freedom
burn brightly in our souls
so we embody the very concept
for which the USA is known

don’t let those who are in power
ever dim our Country’s pride
in this the land of liberty
where justice and truth should reside

so I thank our founding fathers
and all who served our land
I pray that all those who stand for truth
uphold our country’s heritage and roots
and theat goodness for which we stand

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