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the heart of humanity

needs your love please

there’s such a tendency

to overreact in fear when we see

what this we are facing

which we never thought a possibility

but COVID 19 phobia

seems to be a new reality

and when a person nearby coughs

we kind of just freak out

we wash our hands 12 times a day

step back to be 6 feet away

check to see how many died

how many caught it

how many survived

what are our chances

what’s the real odds

if we’re in a high risk group

should we plan to soon meet God

this dark cloud hovers over

how we live our lives

there’s never been a time

so many have had to stay inside

right here in this moment

are you really ok

stop and face the truth

breathe in some hope and pray

what is to be will be

and together we will face

what are the eventualities

and as we find a way to trace

the lines, the curve

all that news that so disturbs

until one day

the COVID 19 tsunami wave will fade

and all those left after these tests

will look back and take a deep sigh

until that time

I have to say

please be prepared

for a different way of life

call upon your spirit

to get you through these hard days

call upon your soul

for some we know soon will go

and I send my love out

to all of you

I ask that you find a way

to find the heart of compassion

for all that humanity must face

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