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oh to escape

to be in a place so fine

with a world of wonders

and endless multi colored skies

oh to breathe in

the perfection of the dream

to float across the universe

a place with no dark Seams

to live in blissful moments

and have Gods loving embrace

to be present in all those components

and to have the strength

to not be afraid

but oh there deep deep within

here and now is more than what it seems

and we can create a better reality

that is right here where we are

dream a brilliant dream

and let it come to be

let your love be seen

set aside the things

that do not bring u peace

let’s all pray one day

that heaven light can lead our way

and we can begin to see

a higher reality

til then we can replicate

what it is we need to make

our life’s a little brighter and free

from the challenging situation

that faces you and me

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