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to the guardians of the garden
to the ones who plant the seeds of love
to the gardeners of this precious earth
we thank you for your care and work

and as we walk upon this planet
we find there is such need
to restore and bring back into balance
the prana of the Mother Earths Energy

for the precious waters
and the oceans that we need to purify
let us cleanse these sacred resources
that need our help to now restore
before we poison the ones who swim
and bless us with their life

for we’ve plundered this sacred planet
and the gifts that she so freely gives
have been taken without notice
if what is left and what we need to live

and we can’t close our eyes
to the warning signs that shout and cry
and as one generation leaves theses shores
Greta pleads for us to not ignore
the danger of climate change
is what she stands so bravely for

let the red warning flags
be seen and recognized
let us find a way to heed
the importance of this planets needs

to the guardians of Mother Earth
and the ones who hear her call
let us join together and help her
and save our home for one and all

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