The Travel Angel

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This Christmas may you become aware
Of the Light that you truly are,
Created from the same light
That made the stars.

Come down Holy Spirit,
Dance across these December skies,
Bring the very breath of God
To open up our eyes.

May we breathe your blessings
And let your voice be heard,
Be the very energy
That speaks these words.
May we be free of illusions
That bring darkness and fear,
May we awaken to the brilliance
That with Grace we can be.

May this light shine forth
To bring joy to the world to know,
With the assurance that God is always there Within us waiting for us to show.
The true meaning of Christmas
That the birth of Christ did bring,
With the love he showed us
That is alive in every living thing.
And may peace be with you always
For the Prince of Peace does bring,
The eternal love and light
That is alive in everything.

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