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Rock Hendricks and Tom Vendetti about playing Saturday Oct. 5th 7pm

There will be a special Maui Premiere Film Screening of the award winning Film One Little Finger & Concert with multi Grammy award winning George Kahumoku and Billboard top artist Rock Hendrickon Saturday Oct 5that 7pm at the McCoy Theater at the MACC.

 One Little FInger hasshown at Cannes Film Festival in 2019 and has won multiple awards around the world. It is about an American neurologist who uprooted her life to research music therapy in India. After arriving in India, she teaches children and adults with disabilities and inspires them to challenge themselves.

 Over a billion people live with some form of disability. This corresponds to about 15% of the world’s population. People are disabled, not only mentally, physically and emotionally, but by society itself. It is statistically probable that everyone will experience a disability at some point in their life.


“One Little Finger” is not just a film, it is a movement that breaks the barriers of the stigma of disability.


Get your tickets now for One Little Finger at the McCoy Theater Go to Maui or call 242-SHOW



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