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once your gone

from this life track

the memories are still left behind

the images played stay

as a reflection into the life past

and from afar do you watch

like a star seen through a looking glass

sometimes a thought

of a past life comes back

strange clues renewed

that explains where I’m at

karma has a destiny

and maya is a dream

what part of love is displayed

from the ashes of our resting place

for the Phoenix rises

and spirit dances

in many forms

through all time and space

I believe I’d recognize you

in whatever shape you take

and when my time is done

I’ll fly to find you

in some distant place

and we’ll meet again

in that distant space

merged in that timeless embrace

for now I’ll settle for memories

and those welcome dreams that come

and sometimes a sigh

and the signs sent

that being a smile

you know

I still can’t say goodbye

cause I know

your still with me in spirit for a while

in the memories left behind

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