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a star made a wish
as it saw the light of earth
and sent it the gift of hope
through the spheres the wish was heard

for there is a deep connection
and compassion for what we are
and in the universe we’re one
and sense what’s happening from afar

there are forces at work
to help this planet evolve
the creator understands creation
and send energy so we in time solve

but it’s up to us to do the work
it really is our choice
and we can wish upon a Star
if we believe in a higher mind

and I dreamt a star made a wish
but really it might have been mine
there is always a presence that’s waiting
no matter how distant in time

there are wishes that fly so high
in Gods house a different sense of time
and there are prayers that are alive
throughout all space and time

and somewhere a star is shining
and someone is making a wish
and sometimes the star catches it
and we see the dream makers power
that holds the magic it gives

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