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Gareth Laffeley talks about Voices of the Guardians.

Gareth Laffeley talks about Voices of the Guardians. Gareth is 20 year old singer/songwriter and award winning Native American Flute player, Gareth Laffely is the youngest artist to reach #2 on the Billboard New Age charts at 17 years of age, (Feb 2016).  Gareth received the “Rising Star” Award from the Native American Music Awards, ( one of only 3 artists to receive this award in 15 years). His debut album is entitled, “The Journey”,  it’s title song was written to honor those who lost their lives on the Trail of Tears.  “The Journey” was  recorded with two-time GRAMMY Award nominated hit songwriter and Dove Award winning producer Robert White Johnson

cer.Voices of the Guardians debuted at #2 on Billboard New Age Chart this week and is currently #6 on the Zone charts

 A companion film called Spirit Song is due out in November. It was Filmed in Maine  (drumming the sunrise in on Mt Cadillac at Acadia National Park in 30 mile an hour wind gusts) and at SkyWalker symphony sessionsRecording the CD took place in Nashville, Denver, Montana, Skywalker Ranch in CA  and   Santa Fe, NM with Wes Studi. Gareth celebrated his 20th birthday at SkyWalker Ranch. Gareth is currently a junior in college at Middle Tennessee University Gareth volunteers for Hospice –playing flutes for terminally ill patients and their families.

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