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Mystical Perspective, on Meditation Dynamics

A talk on Dr. Paul Leon Masters new book Meditation Dynamics, including a deep meditaiton from The Voice of Meditation at end.
Meditation fosters self-realization and reveals beauty and profound mysteries as your personal experience is elevated to higher states of consciousness. This consciousness is the creative, renewing, evolving power of the Universe, a power that will be with you daily.

Meditation Dynamics includes an abundance of practical meditation exercises that will assist you in opening to higher levels of self-realization, inner happiness, and outer success. Meditation Dynamics is a how-to book with emphasis on the actual practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, and related metaphysical disciplines.
Meditation directs you into states of mystical peace where problems melt away and your mind becomes still.

The frequency of love from the source arises in you causing you to feel love as part of your human experience.

The total creative process of life is linked to higher areas of your mind’s consciousness that guide you to new heights of creativity.

Dr. Paul Leon Masters dedicated a large part of his life to the art of meditation after he, himself, reached the ultimate experience of meditation in 1963. This book is the result of his personal experience for guiding others into and through the beauty of meditation.

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