The Travel Angel

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faster than the speed of sound
the cosmic ray of consciousness resounds
with the call of the sacred one
in which Christs mystic light is found

in one word this energy of life appeared
and with a burst of a million stars
that created this life in time and space
hidden in the infinite pieces of stardust’s grace

and it dances through the vibrations
that each frequency of sound does hold
with these infinite interpretations
that speak in so many ways to expose
the dream within the dream that shows
the way God brings His word to be known

this cosmic communication is heard
in the song of the music of the spheres
spoken in the echoes of our conversation
within our hearts most silent prayers

with a word we were created in God’s name
with a word we will disappear again
with a promise heard before our birth
that His love for us will always remain

so listen close to hear
that secret sound of life that appears
for in that power there holds a key
to carry us to the source of infinty

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