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In Father Mother Gods eyes

all is seen and there is nothing to hide
you can be naked and free
of the chains that have held you
for in truth you are limitless and totally alive

can you see yourself as God sees you
can you forgive all of the lies
can you embrace the love of life
and all you have to do to thrive

the Divine Mother shows great mercy
to all those who have lost their way
and we need to have that compassion
and use it in our lives each day

and all the fallen angels
will rise again to find
the lost souls will be saved
and show us the way to guide us on

and the children of the world
will be led from darkness to the light
with God all things are possible
yes miracles do happen in this life

so see yourself as God sees you
and see others with those eyes
love yourself beloved one
and shine forth your brilliant light


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