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how would I serve you lord

let your Holy Spirit
breathe your love into my soul
let your guiding light
clear away the darkness to guide me as I go

how would I serve you lord
but to learn to love others
and bring understanding to help me do my part
to see your presence that’s alive
merge with deepest love within my heart

to teach me to let go of grievances
and let go of anydespair
and let my true destiny come to fruition
to live and enjoy being on this planet here

how would I reach you lord
but in this meeting place within my soul
in the echoes of this silence
with the sacred grace that you bring to know

how would I give up the egos control
and surrender to your will
to direct my life to follow
the path you lead me on to go

come know Holy master
come now lord of light
whisper your sweet mysteries
into these words that guide my life

thank you Holy Mother
for your mercy and your grace
thank your God my father
for the miracle of creation
that your precious presence I embrace


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