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Heavenly Father and holy mother

what words would you share with me
what guidance would you give
to make my perceptions more aware
to make my life more complete

what’s beyond the struggles we face
what’s the best way for me to pray
what wisdom would you reveal to met
that inner truth you bring my way

there’s a light beyond the darkness
there a love that we all need
there’s a purpose and a promise
of true peace and harmony

there’s a vision that’s been hidden
blurred by space and time
there’s the hope that springs eternal
that is waiting for you to find

the other half of who you are
the part of your heart that you so crave
is speaking in whispers of the silence
listen close for the clues that come your way

the secrets and the magic
are not uncommon on the other side
when the whole picture is revealed
there comes an understanding that’s divine

in any given moment
in any given time
there is a chance to experience infinity
and the power of God’s universal mind

and all the threads of this lives tapestry
are woven moment by moment by our soul
to create this art that’s a reflection
for a greater vision we can know

father mother god
creator of all light
grace us with love we need
to fulfill our true purpose in our life


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