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The true Power of Yoga

I have found when I travel the body, and mind get very stressed. Using Yoga and breath you can really help to bring you whole being into to everywhere you go.
I Love Yoga, and we know that Yoga means Union.. but it seems as Yoga is becoming more popular the element of Spirit is being lost and more of the physical aspect is being focused one.. here’s a perspective of my take of true yoga.

A Higher Form of Yoga

With the Breath of God’s love in Your Heart
Activate the spirit that is present there
Merge the energy of this spirit with your
Whole being, Body, mind, and soul.
Accepting all elements and integrating all within you..

Feel the resonance throughout the whole of you being
Feel the senses relax into a re-lease that re-stores you
So You can function wholistically
And embody this energy of God
Throughout all of you.

Spirit in form
Form in spirit.
Each breath joining the many levels
Of who you are into one.

Feel the joining,
Enjoy feeling your soul and it’s light
Living in your body
Breathe this light into your body
Allow all of who you are
To understand a true Yoga, a true joining and union

The power of each breath is a gift
From spirit that can energize
And heal and align you body.
That is joining all aspects of yourself with God.

And so we are one with God
And so we breathe God into our being
And we feel the love and light of God
Integrating and joining us as One.


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