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When to put Boarding Passes away

On my recent trip I was surprised to find that after going through
the TSA checkpoint and showing ID and Boarding Passes, many people thought they still had to hold on to the Boarding Pass when going through scanner. You only need to show boarding pass and ID at the checkpoint. You almost always will have a few moments in line waiting to proceed to scanning devices. It really is best to then put it in some easy to find part of your carry-on or tote before it goes through scanner.
If you continue to hold the boarding pass and ID while you go through scanner it is much harder to pick-up carry-ons, put on shoes and gather everything you need while clutching your id and boarding pass with one hand.


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  1. It really is best to put all important papers away as soon as you can or you might drop something… I dropped my passport at the airport during a layover and luckily someone spotted it and called me on it otherwise it would not have been good!

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