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Radiant One

Radiant One


Radiant One, my heart speaks to You,

Of Your  Love that I’ve Found within me.

The Purpose of all  that’s needed in life,

They Way I’ve longed for to be,


Yours is the Way, and the path to truth,

Yours is the Love Divine.

Yours is the Bliss, Salvations roots,

The Grace we seek to find.


Radiant One, my soul knows your Face,

The Perfect Mirror to God,

The Power of the Glory Brings a saving grace,

A way to win beyond all odds.


Yours is the way, the answered Prayer,

The Story that illumines our search for you here.

Radiant One, uur souls great Pursuit

Let me hear the Words I can Share.


The Angels of God,

The teachers of Truth

All the Holy Ones who Dwell at your Door.

Shower your Blessings on the world

And give us the Gifts that you share,


For here we pray for the one secret Key,

To open the door where we can be free.

Blessed with the Glory of your precious Light,

Inspired with the power of Thee.

Radiant one of God’s Holy Light

Let us find our joy

In serving your Peace.



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