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Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

The Aquarian Age calls forth the Oneness of Humanity’s soul.
Leading with the Vision of a New Day and New Hope for Humankind.
For even in our isolated Unity we are One. From the seeds planted in the last decade of radio, TV, to the advent of youtube, facebook, blogs to Avatar and interplane consciousness we have expanded our reach of a single soul to World Consciousness. In that is a Universal Need to enact loving Compassion so that we can understand the transition of individual need to the Faith that a Greater Good for All that will sustain us. And in while living in the New Age we still listen to the needs of the old Power Structure.
Yes we understand, Yes we care and Yes we Know the New Age is Here. How we address the Power structure of the past with the Presence of the New Light of Now and the Future call s upon the Visionary Strength of the foundation we lay and the service we can give to all. For there is a Power in the Greater Good of the Whole when we believe we are One with the World Vision and Part of a Plan that Fulfills our Inner Purpose. And it will Lead Us to a Greater Way to Be the Love of God and the Light of the World as we usher in the Age of Aquarius.


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